Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The cake I'm glad we made for ourselves only.

Youngest and I decided to make a cake the other day, and it was a little more involved than we had planned.  It was a cake we had made before, from Naomi Duguid and Jeffery Alford's Homebaking cook book.  Delicious and simple and wonderful.

Except, we took it out of the oven too soon.  Youngest checked it for doneness at the allotted time, but I didn't double check her and she isn't tooooo experienced at it yet.  Later, once they'd cooled and the other things we had to make were out of the oven, we discovered the problem and put them back in.  Sadly, we remembered to put the temp back to what we needed, but cakes don't cook well if you try and grill them, whatever the temp.  I tested them for doneness this time, and they seemed fine.  Out again, cooled again, and raw at the bottom.


Solution?  Put them back in the pans, upside down and bake them again.


Ugly, and kinda cookie crispy in places, but done.


Still glad we didn't have to serve it to any of our foody friends.

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Mother Theresa said...

As long as it tastes good, that's all that matters as far as I'm concerned!