Saturday, January 14, 2012

Note to self

Do not take photos while chatting with the man.  All but one came out blurred.

Ah well.  Menu 6, modified today:

Crisp omelette, pork loins with roasted peppers and a parsley garlic sauce and coconut macaroons.

Made this sauce of parsley, garlic and olive oil, that I kind of messed up, you have to pound the garlic and parsley and then very very slowly trickle in the oil as you stir.  I forgot and dumped.  Ah well, still good.  More garlic though.

Salad, not officially on the menu, but it needed eating and today's menu didn't feature a lot of veggies.

There's the pork and roasted peppers.  You're supposed to 'finish the peppers in the pan, which was also a good place to keep the pork warm after cooking it.

That doesn't look much like a coconut macaroon, does it.  That's cause the shops didn't carry the dried unsweetened coconut I needed.  I could probably have trekked further afield and found it, but I had the chocolate left over from the other day (miracles do happen!) and they were easy.  I substituted olive oil for the butter in these and it was super delicious, changed the texture and better for us.

Oh, there's the crisp omelette.  That was the first course, but I wanted the only non-blurred photo to be at the end so that you can remember this one.  The omelette was called a crisp omelette because it has crisps in it, as in chips.  Sounds pretty weird, and it was.  It's sort of a fast and easy lazy-cook's version of truita de patates.  Kind of dry though, so we put some of the sauce for the pork on it, and that was better. I also made it in four smaller batches which were much easier to flip and not so messy at all.  Though that may also be why it was drier as well.  Good though, and I probably will do it again as it was so much easier than making a proper one.

No peeling, no dicing, no par-boiling, just cut them open and pour them in.

Watched Mamma Mia tonight.  Such fun.  Nothing like singing ABBA for a whole lot longer.  It is hooky too.  They were doing a version of it once in town and Eldest mentioned that half her school was wandering the halls humming the tune and the other day in class one of the kids sang a bit of Mariah Carey's I'll be home for Christmas (which I find fairly loathsome) and it got hooked in my head, I look pleadingly at the class and begged them for another song to unhook the shuddery one.  A few bars of Mamma Mia and all was right in the world.

Hope you're having a good one,



The Bodhi Chicklet said...

How can I look at these photos (after a hearty meal) and feel hungry? The mediterranean diet appeals to me - olive oil, garlic, fresh lettuce, ah...I could eat a second dinner all over again, if it was your ingredients. I haev fallen horribly behind on your blog, my apologies - weather kind of intervened the last few days here in the northeast, winter arrived!

Anonymous said...

That's a very odd thing to put in an omelette, crisps... Never thought of it before :)

Helen said...

I use crisps as part of the topping for macaroni cheese (anything cheese actually) andit adds a nice texture - never thought of adding it to omlettes though

oreneta said...

Lovely comment Bodhi, it makes me see again how lucky we are here. I met up with Kate the other day, and Pep, and the whole pack of dogs. A delight and nine tenths! We went walking in the mountains and had coffee in the plaça and talked of you.

ElP, it does seem odd, but it is actually a fairly common trick here I've just discovered. They don't use commercial nasty chips though, there is a company in the region that makes real potato chips in olive oil with no nasty chemicals on them. That's the only one you could use....and it was pretty good too.

Helen...that's an idea, the texture would be lovely. They let the chips soak in the eggs for a minute or two to lose their crispness before they cook them, so it is more like a truita de patates than you might think.

J.G. said...

Delicious-looking and offbeat -- I've had some kind of chicken/cheese/potato chips dish before, but never considered the omelette angle. Now I am thinking of cooking something myself . . .