Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slack and floppy

That's how things have been rolling around here, not back into the routine since the break, indeed not really this year at all.

We've been rolling with some stuff and that snow in the little snow-scene ball is still kinda floating around, so....

running, gotta get happening again.  We've had a really vicious dog on my route in the fall, who seems to have gone away, and then a dead goat on the path.....and while I'm not happy about washing the dog when he's rolled in poop, I just don't want to go to dead goat, but now it seems that someone has FINALLY hauled it away, so my running route is back!!!  Running on the road is like death for me SO BORING, and this is by far the flattest mountain route we can find.  If you're reading this Kate, we walked the first part of it together the other day.  Did I mention that?  I met Kate and her man and her three dogs!  SEPARATE POST ALERT!

So...the door is open again to getting my running mojo mojoing...my shoes keep looking at me accusingly, but I didn't know how to solve it.  Oh...I just got another good idea too.....an all downhill run, though maybe that's not such a good idea, that's how I hurt my butt last year.

ANYWAY, drawing and painting is coming in sporadic bursts.  I get a big idea and great things happen.  I feel this year like I'm not painting at all, but I look at what I've produced and it's pretty cool but steady it ain't and that makes me sad.  I've got this cool studio space that makes me happy simply being in it, and I'm not getting here like I want to.

Discipline Organisation is needed.

So, the drawing a day is being reinstated.  Half hour of drawing in the morning before I get out of bed.....and canvas a day is back.  Temporarily, it isn't what I really ultimately want to be doing, but I've got to get the system ticking again, and this might be the push start I need.

I don't know about you other creatives out there, but the act of creating spawns ideas and further work, and a lag in movement, and I do think I mean movement, leads to mental atrophy as well.  I come back and don't know where to start.

So!  here's to disappearing dead goats and drawing in bed and making something every single frickin day.




thecatalanway said...

So glad to know someone else is feeling the same. I just want to bury back under the sheets at the moment but of course dog barking gets me up. I am impressed that you run There. I was going to ask when we walked if that was the place.
I know how things can put you off going - for a few months there was a dead badger on my path in cornwall and I stopped passing until it turned to bare bones. Then gathered some of the ribs for a friend who used them in a sculpture.
Sculpture - Yes - I need discipline and organisation. I want to get started.
I will let you know what 1/running I manage and 2/what drawing I do in this next week. So there is my challenge to myself.
Sommi(don't know how to spell that but you know what I mean) Kx

Helen said...

Me too - I have not got myself into focus on things yet this year. I think I may move the start of the year to February and begin again

oreneta said...

Kate, I have fallen down on promising myself the drawing and painting as we have a sudden rash of ill health where I work, mostly the loved ones of staff, but at one point today, four out of the four and a half administrators were all at the same hospital with family members. On top of that one husband (not mine) and both of my kids are home sick. Tough to get the painting and drawing done when managing all that, plus one staff down and full classrooms....and not getting sick myself!

Helen, I wish it were just Jan.....I'm dating the year from Sept when I got back here to Spain!