Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have discovered a great truth

This happened when I went running today.

I know, you read that correctly, I f.i.n.a.l.l.y.  went running again after MONTHS!  Nothing like being surrounded by extreme and not so extreme illness for a couple of weeks to get you focused on maintaining your health!


I have indeed discovered a great truth.  There is a trick to enjoying running and it is this:

Keep your expectations very very very low.  If you go out convinced that you are going to be utterly hopeless and pathetic, you are utterly delighted by anything at all that you do achieve, and you come home with a thrilling sense of your own ability, even if your efforts were kinda sad.

Just keep assuming you're far worse than you could possibly be, and everything else comes as a pleasant surprise.

Neat, eh?


thecatalanway said...

I bet you really ran up those stony hills near your house and were amazing! I can't run at the moment as my lungs are still congested after stopping smoking but I am so pleased to be fast walking every day and thank the dogs for this gift. Well done for getting over the hump! Kx

oreneta said...

You are so very very kind. Dogs do bring great health benefits, documented over and over and over again....

Helen said...

It's a nice theory. I am pleased when I manage to get anything done, so no pressure on me that way.

oreneta said...

I'm trying to make it keep working for me....see how we go.