Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I was about to post

about how annoying it is when you have a fantastic idea for a post during the day, and then you can't remember what you wanted to post about when it comes time to write it.

And then I remembered what I wanted to write about.

Estava a punt de explicar com em molesta quan he tingut un idea fantàtsic durant el dia, però a l'hora d'escriure aquí, no el puc recordar.

Llavors, he recordar el que volia explicar-vos!

I was walking down the street today on my way to work and ahead of me was an couple, grandparents I believe, and a child between them, and they were playing the game we always fondly called 'one, two, three, weeeeeee!!!!'  This involves the child between two adults, holding a hand of each, hanging back a little till, on the count of three, they swing the child forward in a big bound and a WEEEEE and the child lands on their feet with a shout of joy and a cry of AGAIN!!!!

Estava passejant cap a on treballo quan he trobat un parell, avis crec, i un nen entremig.  Estaven jugant un joc que sempre vam anomenar, afectuosament, 'un, dos, tres, weeeeeee!!!!!'  Que heu de fer és, amb el nen o la nena entremig, cadascú agafant un mà, el nen camina una mica enrere i tots compten UN, DOS, TRES....i quan arriben a tres, el nen saltar i els adults li gronxen cap endavant a on arriba als peus, cridant WEEEEE i de seguida, UN ALTRE COP!!!!!

It made me feel so happy to see this child having such a good time, and the grandparents too.  I remember playing it as a child and ADORING it, and playing it with my kids and loving it almost as much, till my arms got tired.  The adults do always tire first with this game, no?

Me'n alegro tant veient aquest nen desfuitant tant, i tan content.  Els avis també.  Recordo jugant aquest joc quan era petita i estava ENCANTADA, i també recordo jugant aquest joc amb les meves nenes i estava quasi tant contenta com quan era jo que saltava, però no exactament perquè els braços els cansent quan és tu gronxant.  Els adultes sempre cansen primer amb aquest joc, no?

Arrived at work with a big fat smile.

Arribava al meu lloc de treball amb un somriu molt gran.


thecatalanway said...

oh yes I remember my sisters swinging me - how lucky to be the youngest. thanks for the memory which i can still feel in my body. k x

Beth said...

Bilingual post – impressive!

And, yeah, I remember doing that game as a child and with my children. Little ones keep you fit… :)

elpadawan said...

Ooooh new language! Nice :).
I didn't know this game had a name. Usually, we don't name it, we just do it :p. And it's not that the adults get tired first, rather that the kids never get tired of it :p.

oreneta said...

Kate, it is so true, you can feel it in your body...I remember it, both as an adult and as a child. Sweet.

Beth, part of the bid to improve my Catalan...now if only I could be corrected!

ElP, Like that, huh...wonder where I got the idea! Now I just need to put in Spanish too....and you Czech. hehehe. True about the kids, they never tire of it. The name for the game may well have been only a name that my family had, worth asking around....

elpadawan said...

I'm not sure how I'll manage to pull it off writing in French+English+Czech :D

oreneta said...

Me neither with Spanish, but I bet it'd be easier than Czech!