Sunday, January 29, 2012

Camp Nou

Went for a visit to Camp Nou today.  That was amazing.  For such an enormous stadium, it really doesn't seem very big. Skydome in TO seems MUCH bigger.  Camp Nou is much more vertical, and that may account for a lot of the sense that it isn't so big.  It just doesn't sprawl out the way that NA stadiums do?

Not so sure.

I am sure that I am ridiculously tired, which accounts for the dearth of posts...and the crappiness of this one.

More later.  My sister and her family are visiting and it is super fun, and super busy!

Hope you're having a good one,




Beth said...

More family time! Enjoy – a happy, loving family is a blessing.

(I’m “ridiculously tired” too – how do we keep functioning??)

oreneta said...

Family time is indeed a blessing....ridiculously tired? We keep going cause we have to. It's as simple as that.

Helen said...

Give my love to the Canadian/Polish/French contingent

oreneta said...

Will do!