Thursday, January 12, 2012

Made menu number 2

Ferran Adria's Menu number 2 for lunch yesterday!

Pasta with bolognaise sauce, never made it before, and I don't think it is spectacular enough to make again...though it was VERY good, the fuss vs. added taste ratio was a little off.  Then I made a fish soup with potatoes, now that was GOOD.....definitely a do again.  I even made the soup stock, which was dead easy.


Then there were the chocolate cookies, very gooey and very yummy and very rich and chocolatey.

I may have to do it again, as we were all so keen and hungry I didn't take any photos at all!


Anonymous said...

It sounds tasty. Where are the pics? Did the kids swallow everything before you even had time to warm the camera up? :D

oreneta said...

We all swallowed it up too fast for the camera, I did manage to do a little better today.