Saturday, January 21, 2012

A tough week

You know it's been a rough one when you find yourself on Friday night with absolutely NOTHING going on in your head.  Comedians joke that men do this a lot, I don't know about that, but I don't.  Friday night though?  Like someone flicked off a switch.

We had, this last week, a ridiculous amount of serious illness where I work.  I don't talk about my work on here, but let me just say that out of the four administrators/owners/heads all four were out at the local hospital with an immediate family member at one point this week, all that the same time.  Indeed, for a while, all together.

One of those has recovered and the issue is dealt with, all but the pills.  The others?  Still in hospital, still very very ill.

There has been, as a direct result of this, a great deal of absenteeism amongst the directing/teaching staff.  I have largely been taking over these roles with the admin lady whose family member was a quick turnaround.  She hasn't been with us that long, but she's a dream.

On top of that, both girls have been sick all week, Youngest went down Monday night, Eldest, Tue night.  I didn't have an option of getting sick, and so far haven't.  They had/have a bug, lay around a lot, ate little and had no overt symptoms other than nausea (unproductive thankfully) and exhaustion.  Youngest is on the road up, but still runs out of puff at the top of the stairs.  Eldest is still staggering.  The lack of food hasn't helped of course, and I have been cooking up a storm, when not at work filling in classes and finding substitutes.  Thank goodness for applesauce, chicken noodle soup and crackers.  Keeps the world rolling around.  Strangely corn nuts have been going down well too, weird eh?

Next week doesn't look to be fixing to be a whole lot better, and it is scaring me into getting a physical booked for all of us.

The up side?  Kids are getting better, we all have free health care here - not like that poor skier's family - and the man and I are going walking tomorrow.   Better than that, the girls are well enough for us to go.

Let em do the homework when we're not there.  Much more peaceful.



Nomad said...

Oh Dear, I do hope it improves.
Gives us all a lot to be thankful for.
Do hope all mend, and life evens out...
Re facebook post from your sister??


Love you miss you.

Want to come to see you.
Want you to come see me.

HUG Nomad

thecatalanway said...

Oh yes thank god for unporductive nausea!
Sorry about all this - who have you been cooking for or is there a load of stuff now ready prepared in the freezer?
Have a great walk and let the hills bring peace

K xx

oreneta said...

Nomad, I would love it if you came to see me, and we are thinking of coming to see you....I would come with D and no one else, later does indeed make one thankful. freezer, we're complete ludites and don't even have a fridge. The walk in the hills brought peace all over the place. Slices of heaven.

elpadawan said...

I've been trying to comment for the past couple of days but blogger is acting up...
I hope everybody will get better soon...

oreneta said...

ElP, things are still ticking along, but the girls are both still sick and things at work are still not one's getting worse anyway.

oreneta said...

What was blogger doing?

elpadawan said...

saying the captcha is incorrect. When I use the "wordpress" authentication. It seems to work fine if I say "name/URL" for the commenting, though...