Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bike shopping, comprant una bici

I'm riding a borrowed bike at the moment, and it is ENORMOUS!  Don't get me wrong, it fits me in the sense that my feet hit the peddles in the right places and all that, but the frame?  I need a 17 − 18 " frame, in a mountain bike, and I SWEAR this has to be 23".  Truly, I have never ridden a bigger bike, and it is tall, as in pretty upright, as in, I am sitting up a lot, nice on the wrists, though with shocks, is that an issue?  Harder than necessary on the butt and downright squirrelly going uphill, there is just no weight at all on the front wheel.

En aquest moment, vaig amb una bicicleta que un amic em va deixar, i és ENORME!  No vull dir que no arribo, els meus peus arribant als pedals sense dificultat, però la quadra?  Necessito un de 17 o 18", per una bici de muntanya, i això, tu juro, ha de ser 23".  La veritat és que no he muntat una bici tant gran en tota la meva vida.  També és molt alt, i estic seient més com si fos una cadira.  Bé per els canells, però una mica més dur que sigui necessari pel cull i quan pujo, la roda de davant fa el que vol, per aquí, per allà, però no toca terra.  Una sensació molt incomoda.

Odd.  Estrany

Hoping to get a good lead on a bike tomorrow.  Espero que trobo una bona bici demà!

Cross your fingers for me! Creus els dits, d'acord?


Beth said...

As a kid, I don’t think I was ever bothered by “hard on the butt” bicycle seats. As an adult? They all seem to be uncomfortable. I didn’t think my butt was THAT big!
Fingers crossed that you find the perfect bicycle. :)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Hmmm, trying to picture that as I remember you as being a tall person. For me, next to wheel size (because size really does matter!) is the quality of the seat. I have two bikes and both have big cushy, springy seats (my boney butt needs some padding). As for going uphill, I would make a parody about life but you might want to smack me upside the head!

Boo and Trev said...

Is that what we call a sit up and beg bike? Very popular in Cambridge but of course we are lacking in the hill department there

oreneta said...

Perfect, no, but pretty darned excellent!

Kim, so true about going up hill...good lord

Yes, almost a sit up and beg, but a mountain bike that's badly laid out and has none of the elegance. They sell some LOVELY ones here....but not what I want