Monday, October 8, 2012

Today has been a wee bit unsettling. Avui ha estat una mica...inquietant

Nothing bad happened to us, or will, but it was unsettling and I don't have the time to write about it now, so very late at night.
Res mal ha passat amb nosaltres, ni passarà, però m'ha deixat amb un sentit d'inquietud i no tinc temps per escriure sobre la tema, està molt tarde.

More later, after I've thought it through some more.  Escriuré més desprès, quan he tingut temps per rumiar una mica.


Beth said...

So many things in life are unsettling. I hope this particular one didn’t keep you awake all night. Things are always so much clearer in the morning.

oreneta said...

no, though I seem to have lost the need to sleep, 4, maybe 5 hours and I'm up again, I feel fine too. I totally don't understand. Nor do I like it.