Friday, October 5, 2012

I'm being followed. Algú em segeix

Every since I've got back from TO, his Chuckiness is following me EVERYWHERE.
Des del moment quan tornava, en Chuck m'ha seguit a TOT ARREU.

The Man, Youngest and his Chuckiness flew over a week before me, and when I got here, he started following me around.  Which he does if he's feeling kind of insecure cause I've been away, but he usually does it for a day or two.
L'Home, la Petita i en Chuck tornava una setmana abans de quan tornava jo i quan vaig arribar començava de seguir-me.  Ho fa quan troba insegur perquè he estat fora, però normalment ho fa per unes dies per molt.

We're in week 3 I think. Ara estem a la tercera setmana, em sembla.

And he is still seriously following.  I sit down, he sits on my feet, I get up to go to the loo, he's outside the door when I come out, I have to be careful not to whack him with it.  If I stay in one place for long enough, he'll go and lounge around in the room, but the second I get up, up he gets.
I m'està seguint seriosament.  Si sec, seu sobre els meus peus, si m'aixeco per anar al lavabo, està allà a fora de la porta.  Haig de vigilar de no donar-li un cop quan obro la porta.  Si quedo en un lloc per una estona, aniria una mica més lluny per trobar un lloc una mica més còmode, però al moment que m'aixeco, el també s'aixeca.

Only thing I can figure is that he thinks I'm getting Alzheimer's.  You see, with Eldest in Canada, he must figure that I forgot her, and simply haven't noticed her absence, so he'd better stick close, just in case he gets misplaced and I forget too.
No entenc que està passant amb el, em sembla que pensi que tinc Alzheimers. Mira, és així.  Amb la Gran en Canada, ha de pensar que l'he oblidat, i simplement, no m'he fixat que no hi és, llavors, ha de quedar molt a prop de mi que no pugui perdre'l i oblidar-lo també


Boo and Trev said...

You could actually be a bit correct. He is a sheepdog after all and one of his flock is missing! Dogs actually can count apparently! Anyway he is clearly a master of tragedy so it is a shame to let those acting talents go to waste!

Anonymous said...

Or he thinks you hid Eldest somewhere and he's watching you until he can catch you red handed, because obviously, you're bound to check on Eldest at some point. And at that time, at that time... he'll be there. Watching...

thecatalanway said...

what a moving tale! When we are away we don't see how affected they are but you are right there to see how he knows someone is missing. Perhaps he's looking after You so you dont get lost too. It makes me realise how hard it is for them to be separated from the flock. Give him a hug from me. Hope to see you both next week Kx

oreneta said...

Boo and Trev, a master of tragedy indeed.

ElP, sort of a, 'where'd you hide the bodies?' kinda thing?

Kate, hug given. Hope to see you next week too, though it also looks mad, let me have a look......