Thursday, October 18, 2012

ill. Malalt

Youngest is under the weather, shivery and weak and not so hungry, and I have never in my life had a cold that came on so quickly.  Here's hoping it goes away as fast.

To bed with meds.  Now!

La Petita no es troba bé, té fred, es troba feble i no té gana, i jo, mai en la vida he tingut un refredat que ha arribat tan ràpidament.  Espero que indiqui que se'n va tan ràpid també.

Ara vaig a dormir amb medicina.  Ara!


Beth said...

Lots of rest, plenty of fluids - you know the drill...
Hope you are both better soon!

thecatalanway said...

I hope I didn't pass on anything on our walk! But I didn't see Youngest so surely it was a coincidence?
I dealt with mine by sleeping for an evening and a night and taking 20 drops of echinacea. Seems to have worked. Hope you get better quickly too and that you sleep lots.
K x

Anonymous said...

Get well soon, both of you!

oreneta said...

Youngest already much better, I'm working my way through it, like they say, a cold lasts seven days with the best medical treatment, a week if you do nothing at all.