Sunday, October 7, 2012


We had thirteen people to Thanksgiving lunch today, including us, all Catalan and Spanish, excluding some of us!
A casa nostra avui han dinat tretze persones per Thanksgiving, nosaltres inclòs, tots Catalans i Espanyols, nosaltres exclòs.

I have to say that it went really well, the turkey was great, the various sauces turned out really well, the vegetables were delicious, and the pies, fantastic, we even located pumpkin for pumpkin pies!
Haig de dir que ha anat MOLT bé, el gall d'indi era boníssim, les salses han sortit fantàstic, els vegetals...deliciós, i els pastissos fantàstic.  Fins i tot vam trobar una carbassa per fer la pastís de carbassa.

It was calm and organised in the kitchen, everything coming together like clockwork, with Youngest helping as needed.
A la cuina, tot anava amb tranquil·litat i ben organitzat, tot sortia bé i a l'hora, i la Petita m'ha ajudat molt.

The only thing that was a little odd was that I had an audience.  You see, the Catalans have only seen Thanksgiving in the movies, so for them it was quite the cultural moment, and they were fascinated by the whole process.  They asked when I stuffed the turkey, took notes on making bread sauce, and I have never in my life had so many people watch me make gravy.
L'única cosa una mica estrany era la audiència que tenia jo.  Mira, els Catalans només han vist un dinar de Thanksgiving a les pel·lícules, llavors, era un moment d'educació cultural, i trobaven tot fascinant.  M'ha preguntat quan he farcit el gall d'indi, quasi feien notes per fer la salsa de pa, i mai en la vida he tingut tanta gentada miren-me a l'hora de fer la 'gravy'.

Honestly, like being on stage, but know what? It all turned out really well, I was DELIGHTED, cause I haven't cooked a Thanksgiving dinner very often, and it was good.  Some of the pressure was off cause of course they didn't know how it SHOULD be, but it went well.
Veritablement, com si hagués pugat un escenari, però, saps què? Tot ha sortit super bé, estic encantada perquè no he cuinat un dinar de 'Thanksgiving i estava bo.  Mira, una mica menys de pressió perquè els Catalans no saben com ho és normalment, però ha anat molt bé.

Ara, descans!


Anonymous said...

Ma wants to know. How was the syuffing?
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Anonymous said...

Reminds me I haven't had a proper Thanksgiving dinner during all my stay in Canada...
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Nomad said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Wish we could be there or you here or vice versa!