Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The post I am not sure I should post. No estic segur si hauria de penjar-h

My mojo is slipping.

Teaching mojo that is, and I am now working hard at heaving it back into place.

I've been teaching for a lot of years now, teaching English for a bunch of years now, and to some extent it is repetitive.  Different students, different group dynamics, but I am firmly rutted and need to boot this in the butt.

SO:  getting my mojo back:  steps/goals.

  1. think positively, honestly, this makes such a difference.
  2. sweat the homework, put in the time coming up with cool classes, it pays off.  Students are happier, I am happier and presumably, so is the boss.
  3. sweat the relationships, with co-workers, employers and students
  4. make it a priority.
  5. get goofy/creative, it keeps it interesting
Ultimately this boils down to commitment, it seems to me. 

I remember once reading the phrase, "Love is a verb, it is something you have to do".  I really do believe that, it is not something that you just float on, rather something that you do, daily. If you want to keep it going.

Teaching is a verb too.  

Time I work on that, even if this entire post reads like one long cliche.  

Now, how do you say mojo in Catalan?

El meu entusiasme per ensenyant m'està escapant

Ara haig de treballar per reposar-lo.

LLAVORS:  objectius:
  1. haig de pensar en una manera molt positiva.  Ajuda molt
  2. fer els deures, gasto els temps necessari per fer classes molt guai.  Val la pena, els alumnes estan més contents, jo també i deu ser les meves caps també.
  3. treballo al nivell de relacions, amb col·legues, caps, i alumnes
  4. ha de ser una prioritat
  5. fer coses creatius encara si fossin ximpleries
Finalment, això vol dir que m'haig de cometre.

Recordo llegint, un cop, una frase que va dir que "amor és un verb.  És una cosa que has de fer".  Ho crec, no està una cosa on vas flotant, més aviat, és una cosa que fes, cada dia.  Si volgués que continuí.

Ensenyant és un verb també.

Ja ha passat l'hora per començar de treballar amb això.


Beth said...

Yes, commitment is essential but being “goofy/creative” definitely goes a long way in finding lost mojo. Best of luck!

oreneta said...

it's also the only bit that doesn't sound like a cliche. Today was a good day.