Monday, July 6, 2009

Silk purses

Lying around feeling unwell, but improving, I've been doing some surfing....

So far, I have listened to/watched:

The Dalai Lama on Buddhism, (which was,predictably about Buddhism) I listened to Obama's speech in Cairo on Youtube, which I had long waited for time to hear, and which was astonishing. The man has no fear. I listened to Steven Pinker on The Blank Slate (which was unconvincing) , and on Declining Violence (which was heartening) over at TED Talk, along with Gever Tully on the Tinkering school, and on 5 dangerous things we should let our kids do (which was too short for all that he isn't a brilliant speaker)

I have King Lear lined up, I have heard an exerpt from Pride and Prejudice read by an actor from The Wire, if you've ever watched it. I hadn't till I watched some clips. The reading was a little weird, I think they were trying to make it feel intimate and Sunday morning with your lover-ish, but it felt a little odd. Though they chose a great passage, where Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, the first time.

Then I tackled some annoying computer problems, and all is much faster now.

I am getting a little tired of being sick though, can I just say that?


J.G. said...

Your comment about Buddhism cracked me up. You must be feeling somewhat better!

Beth said...

Yes, you can say that.

I'm glad you're keeping yourself entertained.

Teacher Mommy said...

I would be whining WAY more than you are. WAY more. In fact, I'm pretty sure I have done exactly that on my own blog.

If you're bored, float over to my blog and answer my quiz--and feel free to borrow the idea for your own blog! I did.

Du courage and all that. ((hugs))

Carla said...

Hope you are finally feeling better. Being sick sucks, that is for sure!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

At least your funning bone is working. :)

oreneta said...

JG, glad I made you laugh!

Beth, had to do something, I was fresh out of books.

Teachermommy, thanks!

Carla, indeed, and I am getting there anyway.

Hula, thank goodness for that, no?