Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada day folks.

I think I am going to have to write this post when I am less tired.

Big fat mental blankness....

thinking about walking with Eldest today to teach her about the route she has to walk next week for camp. 45 min each way.

thinking about how Youngest is not happy with the racing at her camp, though I am not happy with the fact that they didn't make her wear a hat, drink water or apply sunscreen, which may be why she isn't happy with racing.

thinking about discussing hair styles with a friend.

thinking about visiting family.

thinking about sharing the pool with four loud space-dominating Russian men.

thinking about missing the man.

thinking about the neverending task of feeding teens.

thinking about needing to cut my toenails, but I left the scissors in Spain (TMI?)

thinking about shifting gears again tomorrow and going to work again.

thinking about the fact that the computer won't let me into my comments, so I'll have to read them tomorrow.

thinking about Chuckbacca stealing chicken upstairs, then running out the door, leading them all in a merry chase, and when he lost them, going back to eat more chicken.

thinking about bed.

OH, and can I just add: teens, they are just like snakes. They eat, sleep and hiss at us from time to time. They also will sway and dance to music. Haven't quite figured out the skin-shedding aspect though, maybe that would be the various versions of themselves that they try on and discard before they become comfy in their own skins.

Thinking that this is enough for one night.

Sleep tight everyone,
don't let the bed bugs bite....




Anonymous said...

Where's you camera? I'd have loved a picture of the Chuck chase. Was the chicken off the diningroom table or just out of a shopping bag?
A hissing snake is easier to take, I'd say, than a silent, smoldering one. With the latter one has no idea what's what but one still gets accused of not understanding and ignoring them! GM

Beth said...

Don't worry about it. Even when you're tired, you are interesting.

The teen/snake comparison made me laugh. If they really WERE snakes, it would sure make mealtimes easier. You'd just throw them a few baby mice once a week. Easy-peasy and so economical!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You might have been tired but you were very funny! Hurray for Chuck and the chicken caper! Smart dog! Loved the visuals about the pool and the 4 russian, loud, space dominating men and the snakes/teens comparison. Very, very entertaining tonight Oreneta.

secret agent woman said...

Monkey mind. I find it's a bigger problem, too, when I'm tired.

And, having owned a python as a pet, I'd extend the snake/teen metaphor - they can be affectionate, but entirely on their own terms. Still, they have a way of wrapping themselves around you.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

"Big fat mental blankness"--Ha! Love that term.

Me thinks you're thinking too much.

mmichele said...

Wow. That snake thing, that is brilliant. Book worthy. I stand in awe.

oreneta said...

Gm,sadly,I wasn't home,so I only have the story...

Beth, wouldn't that be great?!?! Lunch, once a week, a few mice on ice...

Bodhi, thanks!

SecretAgent,I would say that is an excellent extension to the analogy.

Hula, thanks too....

Mmichele..are you going to tell Joey?

dawn said...

A fine description of teens. I have 3 and one on the way. I am finding the oldest is now grown in to her last skin and become much more reasonable and less hissy. Only 3 more to go through that 16-18 stage which is the worst. Two if I don't count the boy who isn't as hissy by nature anyway.

mmichele said...

of course! but i will say it is only about girls...;)