Sunday, October 9, 2011

hanging paintings

We are finally getting around to hanging some of the bigger paintings in the living room.  Two problems emerge, first, how to hang them, cause when a painting is 7' by 7' framing gets prohibitively expensive very fast.  Some creativity is required........unstretched paper with no backing.  Another that is made up of 35 sheets of A4 paper, 2 A3 and one little one........  and then one that has to be framed on something big enough to straddle the 1.5" deep thermostat.

When that's done, and those three are hung, we need to decide what to hang on the fourth wall.  This one is the most visible from the street, so I am concerned about which goes up as EVERYONE will see it, which also means it has to be a picture that will carry well, that will look sensible from a distance as well as up close on the way up the stairs.  Alongside this,  we have to look at what else there is in the room, see which painting will work and which would be horrid.  I am thinking of some kind of hanging system so we could easily shift the paintings around as we saw fit, create a mini exhibition space with rotating works.  Means I could also hang ones I need to think about with some distance to look at

We're working on this.

Photos as they get hung.


Anonymous said...

Like the idea of the hanging system and exchangeable paintings :). What about some kind of easel that you'd hang on the wall?

Beth said...

Looking forward to the photos. I hope some of the paintings are yours.

oreneta said...

ElP, I agree with you 100% I am just trying to figure out how to do it cheaply and easily...and in a way that will protect the paintings as they will be in a high traffic'll come.

Beth, they all are. Yipee!

swenglishexpat said...

So you are a curator now as well, considering what the public in the street might think! I bet you will have to rotate paintings like mad to keep passers-by happy. Why not charge them? ;-)

oreneta said...

YEAH! We could put a donation pot ouside the door!