Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not a stupid dog...well maybe, yes a stupid dog.

Chuck has had the runs, a few too many bones yesterday at lunch meant that we had to go for a walk this morning at 5am.  For 45 minutes

OK, whatever.

The man then took the dog for a long walk in the hills, and we figured that he would have, ah, passed most of the problems.

Then I was lying in bed and his Chuckiness comes in and whines at me.  I ignore him, figuring that the man is downstairs, if he needed to go out he would have stood by the door.  Chuck goes up into the alter upstairs.  Fine.  Then I hear something walking over the roof above my head.  Honestly, this is a LONG way up that roof, a good 50 feet.

I lay there for a while trying to figure what I'm hearing, and's the biggest frickin bird I've ever heard.  I go up to the alter.

Guess who I see on the roof of the neighbours house!

You've got to understand that all the roofs are connected with drops up and down between them.

I'm a little nervous and call for the man, who comes up, both of us not able to do much except call the dog.  Walking on these old tiles can break them and there are REALLY long drops off the roofs, and not onto lawns.

Then the Chuckster takes a dump on a neighbour's roof.

I kid you not.

Had a crap, right out there in plein air.

I cannot think that all that many dogs have done that.  Hope it had some viscosity to it!

OMG, oh, and we did not stoop climb and scoop.

We called him back again, he didn't really come, so I headed off for some salami.  He came back, again over the neighbour's roof......CRAZY!

Now we have to keep the door to the terrace closed all the time, and we may have to get a damn baby gate.

Dog's too smart, or as Eldest put it, he's taken up a new extreme sport.  Parkour pooping.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What a novel way of finding a new spot to mark as his own territory. Chuck is a rare bird!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha parkour pooping :). Honestly, though, isn't it supposed to be cat that roam on roofs?

kate said...

Wow! That's quite a scare. Love Eldest's sense of humour!

Beth said...

I like Eldest’s take on Chuck’s skills – a new extreme sport. :)
And what a brilliant dog – he did not poop on yours/his roof!

Nomad said...

Yes indeed I think very smart!

Indeed you have done a good job establishing pack with him, he did NOT poop in the den!!

Good dog Chuck!!

thecatalanway said...

Chuck _ can't wait to meet you! Can you tell Duna how to do this - yesterday she left three runny piles on the sittingroom floor after being given chicken bones. Not nice to come down to in the morning but thank goodness I was wearing my glasses. K x

oreneta said...

Chuck is his Chuckiness......