Saturday, October 15, 2011

Well, I'm four posts behind

Really, I missed yesterday, I was WAY too tired and cranky to be allowed to open my mouth and so I put myself to bed.

Meanwhile, the world has been enormously bloggable.

So, I've bot three posts lined up, and I just got hijacked by the chuckster, again.

He came up to the alter to join me and a bowl of popcorn for a favourite game of catch...and well, chew too.

Mid-game he suddenly noticed something that had been up here for a bit.  A sweet little siamese cat on the terrace, maybe she'd been following someone's lead and wandering the tiles......

Chuck, loather of all things feline that he is, exploded into rage.  Bristling hackles raised fury.  The cat arched like your stereotypical halloween cat, and then stalked off.

Chuck, brave guard dog that he is, stood firmly on guard lest any further incursions should occur, stoutly refusing the temptation of popcorn.

Then he fell asleep.

Now he's snoring.

I would just like you all to be assured that we are very safe here.

Thanks for your concern,



The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You are just too funny! Oh, that dog, he has my heart! And maybe my share of popcorn. What a wonderful adventurous life he is living as your dog, he is one lucky fellow. Is that a piece of popcorn I see before his sleeping body?

Beth said...

Being on high alert can be exhausting! Chuck would have woken up in a nanosecond had yet another intruder appeared!

oreneta said...

Indeed Bodhi, that's popcorn right there.