Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hmmm, I thought I'd posted

I don't seem to have been doing all that well this morning.  I went to bed COLD last night, woke up really early again (grrr) was cold this morning, all morning and I was moving like someone had put this record on too slow a speed....remember that?  Playing a 78 at 33rpm?  Yeah, that was me.

Came home and went to bed.  Thankfully didn't wake up sick, which is what I was worried about.  feeling much better now...though I am surprised I didn't post this morning, I thought I had.

Wonder what else I didn't do.


Anonymous said...

"wonder what else I didn't do" <-- hopefully nothing important, like putting pants on, or the kids to school, or something like that :)

thecatalanway said...

I always find going to bed quickly the moment I start to feel like that - works wonders. hope you don't come down with anything. I see the temperatures have dropped there - maybe a bit of body adjustment. K x

Beth said...

Not to worry – whatever else you may have forgotten to do will come back and bite you in the a** or it wasn’t that important anyway!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You know, your blog has been eating all kinds of things lately. I keep commenting and then it disappears after I type in that verification word. Blast. It's cold here too, my nose is cold and when I got up this morning I thought the furnace may have broken in the night because it felt like a window had been left open. I conveniently forgot what autumns can feel like in this northern hemisphere. Did you write that you are GIVING online english classes?

oreneta said...

You do see women who appear to have forgotten to put on their skirts. They've put on some tights, and a shirt and gone out like that....nasty looking to me, but maybe I'm an old fart. We still seem to have the required number of noses, so I don't seem to have forgotten anything truly critical.

Kate, I too believe in going to bed often makes things better fast. Seems to have worked.

Beth, truer words are not often spoken.

Kim, sorry about the comment problem....I am so glad not to be in Canada in the winter, though I do like the fall a lot. Giving, not strictly true, they will be for sale, but I will be giving them in the sense that I will be teaching them...make sense? First I have to create them though. Work work work