Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Back at swimming

Today was the first day back at swimming training after a year away.  Well, that was quite something.  I got graduated out of the slow-poke lane, which was kinda nice, but also meant that I got a lot less direct coaching, in fact none at all today, but it's early days, and I certainly needed to warm up and get organized.

It went way better than I thought it would, I figured my form would have been much worse, but it felt OK.  No Phleps or anything here, and I am still in the slowest but one lane, but still, it felt OK!  I'm not as strong though (what a surprise) and I'm going to be stiff in spots, mostly my shoulder.

Still, that was pretty great.  Oddly, one of my knees is bugging me, which is not making me happier, I may have to finally cave and get that looked at when we get back to Spain.  Gimpy knees are not welcome!

All in all, really nice.

I only took on water involuntarily once as well!!!

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