Monday, July 3, 2017

Pat the boat day

The man and I went off yesterday to pat the boat.  She looks great!  We've got some ideas for the work we want to do on her this year, (I say we very guardedly there, as really, I'll be at work and the man is going to do all the work.

The main sail needs new mast slugs and the metalwork is rusting and needs to be changed out, there was talk about revarnishing the tiller, but I don't see it here in the city, so maybe not.  Also talk about working on the v-berth to make it a little more civilized, which would be very nice indeed if we pulled that off!

There were a lot of boats on the hard still, it has been an extremely wet spring and people just aren't getting their boats in, I did manage a swim at the beach, it was chilly and got a gasp as I got in, but was really nice; predictably, Chuck thought I was going to die and got all worked up.

The man and I spent part of the drive trying to figure out what to do with our lives, once again, no success, just too many variables.  Other people must lead more settled lives, making these kinds of decisions a little more straightforward, but goodness gracious, we haven't got very much clear at all.

None of it's bad though, we're just not sure where we're going with it all.

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