Saturday, July 1, 2017

Let's see if this gets up and running again

It's been ages since I wrote consistently, and I've been too busy to even think about it, but it would be nice to get it going again, I enjoy the process of writing in the blog, and more so the process of combing through the day and noticing the notable.

The master's is done, though I haven't received a mark yet, I am fairly confident it will pass, though I will feel better when the mark comes in.

Work is work and there is a lot of it. 

  1. Work teaching English in one language school
  2. Ditto another
  3. Teaching FCE prep online in the second
  4. Teaching online at la UOC
  5. Examining for Cambridge English exams
  6. Teaching in TO as a teacher trainer
  7. Running the online material for that same teacher training institute.  

That's a lot, all part time, and there may be more next year.

Kids are, at the moment, both happy and stress free it would seem, the man has gone to bed at 7:30 exhausted.  The dog has decided that food is for wimps and isn't eating.  I'm waiting him out.  Chuck the dog and I will go and move the car at around 9 to legal overnight parking.

It is odd coming back here, in some ways we have fewer friends than we did before, and there is no routine to organize us.  I'm doing the swimming like I did last year, I really liked it, and Chinese classes as well twice a week, I don't want to forget it all, and it looks like it may come together, it doesn't do any harm to learn it anyway.

Hope X is feeling better. Both N and we were having pho at the same time on different continents, which is funny.....dinner was very good indeed, I do love pho and the man is saying that he may try making it!!!!  Now that is exciting.

This is not in anyway brilliant writing, a little more like accounting honestly, but it's what I'm thinking.  I have an enormous group of students this summer, it's going to be pretty wild and a lot of work, but we should be able to get it done, well we have to.  And I also want to get some work done on the online classroom project, as well as talk to Nancy about using Schoology rather than drive, we'll see about that.  It can be linked.  On that note, I am going to go and do a bit of work on developing the sandbox for the students as the man is asleep and it's too early to move the car, and I finished my book.  It was good too.

More tomorrow.


elPadawan said...

Wow, congrats on the masters! And it is a well known fact that it should be pho time all the time :)

oreneta said...

Never a bad time for phõ!!!