Friday, February 15, 2008

Doctors and Hospitals

After today I can vouch for the fact that the medical system here and in Canada are pretty darned similar. You wait. A lot. There is a certain amount of disorganisation. It is free if you've got the card. The machines all look the same, so do the uniforms.

My fantastic boss took us, and dealt with everything. She is caring, tough, forceful and lovely. What a gift that was. A friend here took Youngest home from school with her and kept her till seven and lent us a car seat, and the school itself fed Youngest lunch as well; reportedly very tasty. Another Mom will be coming by to give youngest and me a lift to a birthday party tomorrow, and is bringing stuff to help decorate for the party we will be giving immediately afterwards for the same group of kids. Don't ask. She offered to help set up as well, but as I gazed around at the dog hair tumble-weed, I thought of the work I'd have to do BEFORE she came, and thanking her graciously, said no. We seem to be getting to know a nice group of people here.

Differences in the medical system? Blue walls, a surprisingly dark blue. The examination rooms were larger, and some had two beds.

One great difference, we got to see the same Doctor over and over again. He saw us, sent us for a test, back to him, sent for another. He was a good Doctor. Concerned, careful and diligent.

Despite this, when we left he gave us the same response as the other six doctors who have seen Eldest so far.

"I don't know what's wrong."

Then we came home.


elPadawan said...

I hope you'll find someone who will be able to successfully diagnose your Eldest...

Take care, all of you ;)

dawn said...

I am so sorry to hear he too, had no answer. As I was reading, I was hoping you were going to tell us it was a simple case of...whatever. I hope they find out what is wrong soon. What a terrible thing to go through for all of you.

Beth said...

So frustrating. If all tests (so far) R/O things such as appendix, gallbladder, etc., perhaps you should look at food allergies. I know you shouldn't diagnose your own child but Google "lactose intolerance." Check out those symptoms. If they are familiar, go from there.
That friend of mine I mentioned to you? Her daughter was originally diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome before the lactose intolerance diagnosis. Both conditions cause stomach pain.
Thinking of you - and hoping that whatever it is will eventually be discovered.

Beth said...

awwww Rocky....I wish I was there with you so I could help you out...really. Of course, the fact that it's warm and beautiful there would have NOTHING to do with it...

I hope you figure out what the heck is going on with eldest...that can be so frustrating, not knowing.

give her a hug for me, will ya? :)

Anonymous said...

Darn....too bad that he couldn't figure it out either. I hope there is a specialist there that can help you.

oreneta said...

Hey everyone, it is at least good to know that it isn't appendicitis, nothing is going to rupture imenantly yadda yadda yadda...she had a better day today overall...thanks for your concern.


hulagirlatheart said...

How frustrating that must be! I'm so sorry you can't find out what's wrong.