Thursday, February 14, 2008


I went to a pretty small high school, and it had some unusual traditions. One of these was an unscheduled somewhat spontaneous holiday once a year.

We'd arrive at school ready for classes and everyone would be assembled. The vice principle then told us a story, about how once long ago a possibly rabid animal had wandered into the school, and all the students had been forced - oh so reluctantly - to leave for the day. At this point, we to were then released and sent home. It usually happened in February, or some other equally dingy time when everyone was down, blue and empty-headed.

The girls had that today.

Both of them stayed home this morning, listening to the sound track of the Rocky Horror, and watching four complete CDs of the Pink Panther videos.

You can't accuse us of skipping the important elements of their education.

Eldest was much the same, though more cheerful for the break.

That counts.

They couldn't push me out the door fast enough this morning when I went off to work.


dawn said...

That is great. Sometimes people just need a mental health day. More people should recognize the need and the need for some finer points in their education.

elPadawan said...

no school for Valentine's Day! How cute :)

kate said...

Luckily at our school all holidays (and there are many random St. this or that ones, in addition to ten days off at Easter and three weeks at Christmas) are planned and notified in advance. I mean, a surprise holiday might be fun, but what a nightmare for parents who have to arrange childcare!

I'm glad it worked out for your kids, though-- sounds like a fun day for them.

Anonymous said...

Great going! GM

Steffi said...

That´s great.Free on the Valentines Day!

Beth said...

Every once in a while my mom would let us have a non-sick/sick day from school. Mind you, only one at a time - she treasured her sanity.

oreneta said...

Dawn, I am a big believer in mental health days, especially for kids. Adults too, though they need to time them so that they aren't detrimental to the mental health of their co-workers.

elPadawan, Hey, I hadn't put that together, why not. It isn't a Catalan holiday in anyway, but what the heck.

Kate, my unscheduled holiday was in High School, the youngest kids were in grade nine. Though some of their parents still probably had kittens...

GM, I thought did the girls! see you soon!!!!

Steffi, thanks for dropping by.

Beth, my mom never called them mental health days, but she believed us when we faked ill now and then, and we really cannot have been all that believable.

Anonymous said...

Da dum da dum, da dum, da dum da dum da dum da duuuuummmmmm.

Sorry...flashback :-)

That is a pretty neat 'tradition' that they have there...and in your old school. We were in a rural school so sending us out in the wild would not have been a good scene. Oh, I had walked home from school...which was about 10kms away but in the middle of winter, it might not have been a good idea.