Friday, February 1, 2008

Market surprises.

I saw the Pope in the grocery store today. He was sorting the frozen fish while talking on his cell phone.

A Spanish Cardinal came in while I was in the check-out, maybe they had an important clandestine meeting. If so, the screaming cowgirl who was riding grocery carts up and down the isles may have been a spy.

The streets were filled with mosquitoes, snails, bees, mushrooms, rainbows, butterflies, and strangely snowmen and Christmas trees as well!

It is Carnival and so the school had a parade. The theme was the seasons...each grade dressed as a different season related creature or plant. They made the costumes at school, thank goodness.

Here's a few photos...

Some very grim mosquitoes,

Ambulating Christmas trees,

Stunningly swift snails...

Wooohoooooo! Carnival!


Lynda said...

It is Karneval in Cologne at the moment too.. I have been enduring my husband watching the 'entertainment' on TV live from Germany tonight.. drives me batty... but I love the costumes.

Those snails are particularly good.

Beth said...

Some great Halloween costume ideas!

I hope you were very polite to the Pope and the Cardinal.

Anonymous said...

I love how they did the mosquito masks. Very interesting customs over there. Wow, the Pope and a cardinal too.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Elvis too? Probably not...unless there are 7-11's there :-)

Sounds like Carnival is a fun time.

elPadawan said...

At first, I thought you were writing down your dreams from last night. And then I realized :). Nice ;)

traveller one said...

Aha! Carnival! I thought you had taken some weird drugs?!?

Beth said...

first of all...thaoe are some very fancy costumes! Very creative...and they actually dressed up as mosquitoes?! Wow.

Anonymous said...

which groups were your kids in?
I like the mosquitoes best! GM

oreneta said...

Lynda, those snails are incredible..they are a length of drier eshaust hose, you know that metal stuff, paper-machéd and painted...the yellow is of course garbage bags. They also had headbands with wobbly bobbles on top painted with eyes.

Beth, it isn't always the tradition here to be polite with the pope and cardinals...they have gotten mixed up with the rather, um, Franco-ist politics here a mite too often and their, shall we say, respect for them has slipped for many.

Dawn, I thought the tea-strainer eyes were brilliant!

Sirdar, unfortunatley, not Elvis...maybe I should dress up as him one year! In a skinny stage.

Elpadawan, that would have been a heck of a I dreamt i was in a gigantic mega-yacht trying to navigate over the shoals that you usually find at the end of rivers with the tide sweeping me out onto them. I got up afterwards, it wasn't a comfy dream. The water was amazingly clear though.

Kim, not me! Don't need them, life is interesting enough staight up.

Beth, they do really cool costumes here made with the simplest supplies...

GM, I'll tell you when I see you!