Friday, February 8, 2008

Two things....

Almond blossoms, near town....

I don't think I've mentioned it, but I have been hobbling around lately. Yesterday I stopped hobbling and started staggering around like a little old lady after a long ride on a scooter.

My hip hurts.

Going uphill, and sometimes down hill, and now, as of yesterday, when I go upstairs too.

I went to the medical center today.


It sounds positively medieval. I now have a little regime of pills to take every day, and instructions not to overdo it. That probably excludes the walks in the mountain I take most days.


However, this isn't serious, rest, ice - oh that's funny too, we don't have a fridge, so obviously not a freezer everyday we will have to go round to my local corner store and decide if we will have squid, or snails, or octopus, or mussels for dinner. I will kindly defrost them on my hip, and then we're paella bound!

If all this fails, they'll inject some wonder drug into the depths of my hip an prest-o bang-0 all should be well, forever!

The second thing? Eldest is having her sleepover birthday party tonight. Should be long, loud and tiring....though it turns out that four of the girls can't come, so there will only be 9 people here.

Not so bad.

Oh..sorry there's a third.

Youngest came home from school today, "Mommy, I had to draw you in class today. You know? You're really hard to draw."

Then brightening, "It turned out really well; though I didn't get all the wrinkles in."



Beth said...

Eerie...strange...we have the same post title today...

About your hip - if the wonder drug injection is of cortisone, it certainly helps but doesn't last forever. On the plus side, I was never told not to do daily walks (once the pain subsided).

Did you thank your youngest or simply laugh?

elPadawan said...

wow. It's already blossoming, in Spain?

Hope your hips will get better.

And... well, kids are known to just be plain honest and innocent. But sometimes, they probably unknowingly hurt more than a hip :/

Lynda said...

Did you say you don't have a fridge? How does that work? LOL at your little one... out of the mouth of babes... ouchy about the hip. Damn that old age, it just sneaks up while you are busy living your life.

hulagirlatheart said...

Don't you love kids' honesty...not. That's a day full of stuff that will make you feel old. Sorry. :(

Beth said...


but the almond blossoms are beautiful...wish I was there!

traveller one said...

Hahahaha! Paella bound! Very funny!

Now you made wiki bursitis and I think I have it... grrr.

sea dog said...

The Almonds are beautiful. We have more snow. I'm beginning to think the little one has a developing sense of humour
Sea Dog

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your hip. I was thinking you should check out a chiropractor as I have a hip that goes out every once in a while and it really helps me.

No fridge or freezer? That must have taken some time to get used to.

Got to love the innocence of little kids!!

Anonymous said...

As my most unathlethic husband used to say "sport ist mort" which roughly translated meanst "sport kills!" ha, ha!
UGH about your bursitis.
Living in a town where going up and down hills is unavoidable, do take good care of yourself.
But there is a good side to the coin - ice and sea food!!! GM

oreneta said...

Beth, he only said I shouldn't do anything that makes it hurt or get worse while it is healing...climbing the that shouldn't be an eternal problem...I gather you've had this.

elPadawan, it didn't hurt at all, I am not the least worried about a few wrinkles, shows I've lived...and yes, it has been very warm for the second winter, though I hesitate to call it winter myself...they aren't blooming further inland though.

Lynda, I hate fridges, they are noisy, suck electricity, take up enormous amounts of space and the vast majority of the stuff we keep in them we only store there because they are so darned big. Even in the tropics. We didn't have one on the boat for three years, in the tropics, and when the apartment here didn't have one, that was just fine by me. If we want meat, we buy it that day, smell the milk before you use it in the summer, and if you want a cold beer, there's a bar 30 yards away. I love it.

Hula girl, I'm just thrilled it isn't arthritis...and I don't feel old, yet...I snorted with laughter when she said funny.

Beth, they are so beautiful, I can see why the Japonese painted them so much...and the bursitis diagnosis I am not too unhappy about, as I just said, thank goodness it isn't arthritis

Kim, NOOOO you can't have it too...and I am paella bound, I just turned off the heat and we're waiting five minutes for it to finish...

Seadog, little one has developed a sense of humour....are they selling any interesting splash pad kind of things there? I'm thinking of fun things for the terrace...

Sirdar, try it, youll love it, and the planet will thank you too...I love love love me a chiropractor, but I am not sure I am ready to try it just yet in Spanish...

GM, the no hill climbing injunction is a little tricky around ist mort, i am not sure my husband would concur...

dawn said...

Funny what kids will come up with. At least you look very young in her drawing. The shot is likely cortisone. After suffering with severe pain, due to heal spurs, I begged the doctor to give me them in my heels. He said there are less invasive ways to start with. Told me to wear padded footwear at all times, and gave me anti-inflammatory pills. After a week, I was feeling a great change, and I quit taking them after 9 months. I have not looked back and that was 4 years ago. My mom had bursitis in her arm in her 30's. Likely she still does, but she takes pain killers (tylenol) for an accident induced whiplash, so she doesn't have so much trouble with it. I hope you find something that works; chronic pain is terrible to live with.