Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I was nasty today, very politely.

One thing that alarms me is the idea of identity theft. Been there, had that done to me, never got a d*mn t-shirt.

I find it more alarming when it involves my kids.

That's why I was nasty today. Very politely.

Ya see....we have to get official papers translated to get through the red splattered streams of bureaucracy we are being bombarded by. For a translation one must, of course, hand over papers like birth certificates and marriage certificates to complete strangers who are not government employees.

Granted, these were copies, but nonetheless....

When, after four weeks, sending it twice, phoning once and e-mailing twice more, I still hadn't gotten any sort of response, let alone a quote, I began to wonder if they were running a counterfeit passport gig, a translation office, eh...great front, no? And you know it seems to me that a Canadian passport would be a valuable kind of document, and between the birth certificates and the marriage certificates it seemed quite enough info to cook something up.

I got ticked.


I have been kind of riding side saddle on rage today, all ready to hop off and rope someone....

This company got roped.

I was very nice. Aren't I always?


Such hypocrisy we must display sometimes as adults.

Anyway, I was very nice, and in a very nice tone of voice, when they suggested I send the info again, I informed them that I had no confidence in their company and if I did not receive a response by phone or e-mail within 24 hours, I would be phoning both my consulate and the police, accusing them of soliciting information for fraudulent purposes.

Remember, the police here were trained by Franco.

They called.

I still have to find a different company and start all over again. Such a drag.


Anonymous said...

Life and times in a new country. Hope it all works out in the end.

elPadawan said...

wow. That's pretty scary. if a phony company can do the translation, couldn't you do it yourself? And if it has to be translated by an "official" third party, wouldn't there be anyone in the Canadian embassy/consulate entitled to do such things?

I know my father had to get "official translations" of French documents for his family in Vietnam, he had to go to either the foreign affairs office OR the Vietnamese embassy to get these done.

I suppose things are different in spain. Still, I feel for you, and hope everything will turn out right.

Lynda said...

Yep, I am with you, there are times when we girls need to show our teeth - so to speak. Pretty scary thing handing over all that information to other people. I had a big laugh at "Remember, the police here were trained by Franco."
That would certainly get ME moving!

Beth said...

Being nasty (when necessary) can be extremely satisfying.
Too bad you have to start over.

Anonymous said...

And don't worry about being polite at this stage of the game.
Staying cool and rational and focused is what's called for.
Was this an agency someone recommended?
I found the Canadian embassy in Germany very helpful when it came to solving "Canadian" problems.
Have you tried them? GM

oreneta said...

Sirdar, so do I, I simply hope I will not gain too many extra wrinkles in the process...you know those pinched old biddy ones..

elPadawan, it isn't necessarily a phony company, I just ran out of trust...it needs to be done by a recognised and certified translator...that's all...If your family is from Vietnam or spent time there, I may be wasting my breath when I told you about the Pho store in TO...either way, it is very very good. Cravings...

Lynda, I went to an exhibit here about some of the things that went on in police custody. I don't wnat to mess with them, even if it is the next generation now..the bosses still are....

Beth, yes indeed...especially when it is richly deserved.

GM, the Canadian consulate here is a mite frustrating, they are out Spanishing the Spanish...they are open from ten to one, M - F. That's it. They have one phone line, so it is always busy.


Theresa said...

Arm yourself with patience and look for a reliable lawyer who will handle everything for you. Don't you have someone who can recommend someone?

Anonymous said...

Way to go with the little polite nasty. I hope the new company works out better.