Monday, February 11, 2008

Got me some delivery!!!

Now this I love.

My language skills are improving for sure, I finally figured out how the delivery system works at the local grocery store. Here's the deal, you buy 75 Euros worth of groceries and they deliver it FREE!!!


I was getting some sick and tired of hauling groceries five days a week. On the boat, we used to do a major shop every now and then. I mean MAJOR, like nothing I've ever seen before. We'd have to buy perishables more often, but on the boat we would have enough food to last us at least a month comfortably, and three months eating beans and rice.

In TO, all that long time ago, we also had a large stock of beans and rice, and some canned goods; we did a major shop on the weekend, and stopped in for fruit or veg in the middle of the week.

Today, I bought 100 Euros worth of food. Twelve liters of long life milk, 8 cans of olives, I don't know how many cans of tuna, etc etc, etc....

The weird part was spending all that money and then going out the door empty-handed. They'll deliver around one, about when the man and the kids will all be home so hop-along gimpy-hip here will not even have to haul it up the stairs. I figure I can get them to deliver every other week, and we just have to buy bread, fruit and veg in between...and more easily too as we won't have to haul all that heavy stuff along with it.

How great is that.

I LOVE delivery.



Anonymous said...

Great solution!
And saves a lot of wear and tear on you as well. GM

hulagirlatheart said...


elPadawan said...

free delivery is better than an underpaid teenager putting you groceries in your bags and carrying it to your car, isn't it? :). Though 75€ is a pretty high threshold. I'd have thought that 45€ would be a more reasonable price for it. But it's good news for you and your hips, definitely ;)

Beth said...

FREE delivery?!! It don't get any better than that!!

What's up with Chuck lately? ;)

Beth said...

Ah, the joy of being served. Doesn't happen often enough.
Perfect timing considering your present painful condition but I bet you're kicking yourself for not having figured out the deal sooner!

Anonymous said...

Obviously said store is close by. The nearest store to us is about 17 kms. They don't deliver. Enjoy it while you can. Glad you don't have to aggravate that hip of yours by carrying all those groceries.

oreneta said...

Gm, Yes indeedy, it is a fantastic system, I imagine mostly created for the aging population of this very steep town, but i'll take it too, thankyouverymuch.

Hula girl..ain't it though!

elPadawan, 75 Euros is just fine by me, though it is a lot of cash, I can easily buy that sort of volume every other week. No problemo...

Beth, Chuck has been the happiest beast the last couple of days, I take him out for a walk, staggering around the fringes of the mountains, and he runs and plays. His favourite game is to chase a pine cone, we have them in abundance, particularily if he can chase them down a slope so they keep roling away from him. He never brings them back though so it is a good thing there are a lot or the game would peeter out pretty fast.

Beth, yes, indeed-y, wish I had figured it out before our knapsack broke, that's for sure.

Sirdar, yes, the downside of country living...

dawn said...

That is exciting. I find the hauling in to be the worst. It would be worse with stairs. Great you found the delivery system.