Sunday, February 24, 2008

To be cool, or not to be

I have gotten a couple of awards in the past little while, and I have been either too tired, or too busy to post there they are...altogether, I guess I am a sassy mama of the world!

Dawn from Colours of Dawn out in the prairies in Canada sent me the woman of the world, and thank you very much....I guess I have been around a few different parts of the globe at this point. These are always kinda fun...and then Theresa from the Rain in Spain sent me the sassy mama blog award...I think I probably am sassy...if you read it as opinionated, volatile and mouthy...and I am most definitely a Mama..and I've got a I guess I rate!

Now then, in the spirit of the high school paper, I will provide a definition of the hard to nail down adjective, sassy...I have discussed the woman of the world issue in a previous post, but sassy is a new topic for this humble blog. The Urban Dictionary defines sassy as, "Possessing the attitude of someone endowed with an ungodly amount of cool." You will notice that it does not state whether said person DOES possess an ungodly amount of cool, merely the ATTITUDE of someone possessing all that coolness. A rather ambivalent definition.

Cool has always been a tough one with me. You see, I was academically successful, and not into team sports, I didn't give much of a hoot about what I wore, but was happy, had a group of friends and I was as content as most anyone is in High School, which as far as memory serves, is not very content at all, but you have forgotten that there is better. The summers in fact were always better, so was university; much better. (The people who made it were mostly not those obnoxious ones who defined who was and wasn't cool, strange that, wonder what all those uber cool high school kids are doing now. Not.)

I digress.

I was a nerd. Albeit I never played dungeons and dragons, I am too old for computers to have played a part, never wore glasses held together with tape...but I was not cool. I seem to have achieved a level of coolness later in life, as in now I sport a fair amount of attitude. My sister said to me once, in a hilariously questionable compliment, that I was the coolest nerd she knew. Hmmm, would that be like the tallest short person? The skinniest obese person? Anyway, she meant it as a compliment, and I took it that way...'cause I think it is true.

My kids vacillate between thinking I am horrifically nerdy and embarrassing and astonishingly cool. They even maintain that I am one of the two coolest Mom's at their school. The other cool Mom has hair dyed in two different colours and sports several facial piercings. The problem is, as always, a question of what and who defines cool.

I don't think I want to go there, it is too late at night; so to sidestep that tricky existential question here is a brief survey, conducted on the spot, by yours truly: the Man thinks I am cool (smart cookie, what other answer could he give), Eldest said she thinks that sometimes I am cool, and sometimes a nerd. Eldest elaborated for your edification...I am a nerd because I wear weird clothing, kiss the man in public, also sing in public and laugh too loudly in public. I am cool because I am not uptight about cleaning and junk like that, I am fun and interesting and don't teach the same way, and I don't care what other people think. Youngest is asleep and did not answer the survey question; nor did Chuck, but he loves me senselessly so his vote wouldn't count anyway.

So there you have it, I'm a sometimes sassy, always mama, ditto woman, sometimes worldly frequent blogging type.

Crystal clear.

Thank you both so very who to tag...I think I'll tag every Mama out there whose getting by with good a sense of humour.


elPadawan said...

I think cool is just another word for "charismatic", but with less syllables, for those who find it too hard to spell. :) Congrats on your awards ;)

dawn said...

Congratulations and you're welcome. I agree with elpadawan about cool. It is true also, it depends who defines cool. I think I vacillate between cool and not. Likely my kids think I do also, but perhaps the times of one or another vary in each opinion. Sassy is good.

traveller one said...

Wooo hooo... both are interesting awards and you deserve em!

hulagirlatheart said...

I think all of that adds up to a very cool person. Congratulations!

oreneta said...

elPadawan...I am not sure cool is the same as charismatic,or at least not many cool people are such overwhelming *ssholes, and the cool groups often work very hard to make sure that everyone else knows that they aren't cool.
That said. *phew*, later in life, the truly cool people are indeed charismatic, but mostly because the lead fascinating and unusual lives and think about what they are doing....rather than blindly following the herd.

Dawn, Yeah, I agree, sassy is definatly good.

Kim, thank you indeed...

Hula girl, *blush* what can I say...