Sunday, February 17, 2008


I have been reading quite a bit about Moodle lately, it is free down loadable software for running a virtual classroom, and seems to be incredibly cool, though it will take some time to learn how to use it. I am excited about the prospect. I have tried twice to integrate blogging into educational settings, neither time with much success. How I formulated it clearly didn't click with the student's needs, requirements and hopes. I would like to integrate it more strongly in the future, not just blogging, but a virtual classroom experience as a whole.

I am excited by this possibility on a number of levels, first of all, since I believe that so many of us re-train over the course of our working careers, there is a desire out there for information and training that does not entail enormous life sacrifices and changes. On-line courses can serve this; also it is fascinating in our increasingly global world to enroll in courses with people from all over the place. I also think that if technology continues to change at the pace it has been, the world our kids inhabit will be very different from ours, assuming we don't melt the d*mn thing first, and will change several times over their lifetimes. I think virtual classrooms, and virtual connectivity will play a vital role these changes both as tools, and as the catalyst for these changes.

Also, if I get into the field, there are greater possibilities for me to be able to work on-line, which means that I am not tied to my crappy Catalan skills for work, and wherever I live, as long as I have good internet access, I could work more broadly. (My boss, accurately, assessed my Catalan level as a bare minimum necessary for getting by, and she is right.)

Overall rather exciting (though not the Catalan part).

I also started a new painting today, but the Man in napping in the room with it, so I can't post a photo, sorry...and I studied Spanish as well. Such virtue. Did you realise that the word for married in Spanish and Catalan has the same root as house? So you aren't really married so much as housed. It raises interesting questions on a number of levels. Where does it leave the homeless for instance?


dawn said...

I guess housed, is like being a kept woman. Yes, so many questions on so many levels.

We have cyber schools here in Canada and the school board we are with has some unique on-line courses. My kids have not taken advantage of them and I struggle with my desire for them to experience a unique course they likely won't get the chance at again in life, and their lack of interest in the subject. I think it would be wonderful if you could investigate this field for yourself and get somewhere with it.

Beth said...

A virtual classroom with children participating from all over the world - what a great idea! Could do wonders for solving so many of the world's problems.
As for integrating blogging with educational settings - you might want to check out La La's blog (
She's a teacher who has done it - and posted about it.

Jocelyn said...

I teach most of my load online; it's amazing to have students from all over--in Afghanistan (military), Germany, Mexico, Hawaii, Oklahoma, etc.

I hope you can make something happen with that!

oreneta said...

Dawn, ah, but you see you are both housed...I find the etymology of some of these words absolutely fascinating...

Beth, it does have some very interesting opportunities...
thanks for the link, I'll check out her blog.

Jocelyn, ohhhh, can I ask you some questions about that? And how is that English lit course going that you were cramming for so madly???

elPadawan said...

well, what's a housewife? :D

hulagirlatheart said...

Hee Hee, elpadawan. Very funny. Please post a picture of the new painting when you get a chance. I'd love to see it.