Saturday, February 9, 2008

Ice Queen?

My daughter is disturbed because I went to bed with three cuttlefish.

I am disturbed that they didn't defrost.

If you recall that bursitis thing, I have to ice it now and then, and you know, ice is so boring once it's melted; so the man went around the our seven-eleven, and picked up some frozen cuttlefish and peas.

I was a wee bit tired after the sleep-over party last night and the subsequent clean up - read destroyed - so icing my hip while sleeping seemed like an excellent idea. I got myself all laid out, ice balanced and napped for a lovely long time.

Later when I came to make the paella for dinner I was surprised to discover that the sepia was still cold like a rock.

What does that say about me????


elPadawan said...

I think I'd have been just as disturbed as your daughter ;D

sea dog said...

Cold hands warm heart is the old saying

Jocelyn said...

Ah, you're a cold, cold woman, clearly.

We always use peas to ice at our house, too--it's hard to remember which bag is the GOOD one and which is not to be eaten, ever.

dawn said...

So funny about it not thawing, and regular fish takes less time to thaw too. It wasn't more frozen was it? ;-) That would definitely indicate a problem.

I forgot to mention, your last post, those are beautiful blossoms, more so with the weather we are working with. But tomorrow will be better.

Lynda said...

Oh, how disconcerting, sort of like something out of Narnia.

That hip doesn't sound much fun... any good acupunturist in town?

Anonymous said...

As long as your bursitis gets better, go for it! GM

Beth said...

What does this say about you???

You're actually a cold-blooded reptile?

Hope you feel better. I'm sure you're missing those walks.

Theresa said...

Good thing, otherwise it might get kind of smelly in your bed. ;)

Trish said...

Oh dear!

oreneta said...

elPadawan, ok, ok, ok, it was a mite strange, but it had a certain logic to it, no?

Seadog..what about tepid hips?

Jocylen, you REUSE pea bags? Eeeeewwwwwwwww....just so you know, I will never ever ever eat peas at your house, m'kay?

Dawn, I have no idea, I'll have to do a series of tests on different fish types...I see a poll in here somewhere...and then I will work out the statistical averages...or maybe I'll just go look at some almond blossoms...

Lynda, I have no idea. I still count it a delight I know where to buy groceries and envelopes.

GM, it seemed to help, though I didn't get around to icing it today...

Beth, ah, telling it like it is, a breath of fresh air...a cold blooded reptile. I LIKE that, my sister once called me the coolest nerd she knew, talk about a backhanded compliment.

Theresa, triple baged. Otherwise major Icksville.

Trish, nicely put.

Anonymous said...

I think it is weird that you didn't thaw the fish. I guess your husband would the only one to answer your question....LOL

Too bad about the bursitis thing. That has got to hurt.