Monday, January 19, 2009

Garbage! (and not garbage too.)

Went out (again), took the camera (again) and this time I remembered a PHOTO!!!

SO, here is some OH so inspiring photography...a gift from me to you.....

First, evidence of my trash haul, including some of that moto I mentioned...

When I got out towards the end of the walk I discovered that the local goat herd had passed ahead of me....LOOK at these tracks! There are a LOT of goats in this herd. They even eat prickly pear cacti...can you imagine?!?!

I didn't take a photo of all their little poo pellets on the road out, though I was tempted....

And here is a close-up of their cute little hoof tracks...should have tossed a pen in for scale, but what the heck...they're small, m'kay?

On another note, went back to the dentist...she took the stitch out with considerable ouch difficulty. *gasp* and though it hurts more, it feels better without the stitch if that makes any sense at all. She also, to my relief, said that it is normal that it still hurts (like the dickens) and that it is all still quite messy and inflamed. I have to go back in 2 weeks for the cap/reconstruction/whatever that is called in English but not a crown nor a filling.

A very very careful icecream and hot coffee drinker for some time to come. No popcorn either.


Tepid tea is not quite the same. Ho hum.

Can I also just add that I am reading Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier and it is EXCELLENT. Especially for anyone who loves books and words and language.....if you live to this. Excellent, so far anyway...about half way at this point, and I am loving it.


Beth said...

Disgusting picture - job well done!

And "horrors!" to the no popcorn...

oreneta said...

Yeah, the no popcorn totally sucks. Ah of these days it'll make it back onto the menu.

Hauled another bag out today, no picture though...too similar.

sirdar said...

Cute pictures of the goat hooves. They sure are tiny. Glad that the tooth is on the mend, even if it hurts so much. They say no pain, no gain. I say no pain....great!! Hope things get better soon.

Nicole said...

Ouch for the teeth :(
Hope it's all well by now!

Thanks for the pics.
Man, that must be a sh**load of goats (pun intended) :D