Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Things I'm loving:

1. Sitting in the sun today, feeling how hot it was drinking coffee with a great book.

2. That great book.

3. Buying books for Eldest that she was DYING to (get this) in Catalan!


4. The vet commented that youngest has NO ACCENT!!!


*no one has said that to me* (yet)

Chuck just stared me in the eye and swallowed so loudly I could hear it. Weird.

This tooth feels like a weird foreign thing in my mouth. Still.


5. I can take the next pain killer! Indeed, pain killers exist!!!


6. Got a hair cut and I like it a lot...thanks to my man for cutting it!

7. Artichokes are in season. YES!!!!!!!!!!

What's NOT to be happy about. SO so so so sosoooo good, and €1.90 a kilo!!!

8. Heading for bed where it's warm and comfy....sweet sweet deal.

So...riding the optimistic Obama wave of hope...

what's sweet in your world?

Have a great day,



Beth said...

Sweet (today) is that my son got a call for a job interview tomorrow - not an easy thing to get during these tough economic times. So many lay-offs!
Sweeter still will be if he gets the job.
Sounds like you had a lovely day - except for that damn tooth...

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

My sweet (as opposed to my bad) is that I don't have to go to work tomorrow, giving me about 2 hours to paint. Saccarine sweet! Nutrasweet sweet! Phat sweet! Pass the insulin sweet!

Anonymous said...

Sweet today? Not much really. Today I had to give some training to a group...that wasn't sweet except that it went ok...but it was long. Oh...and Dawn doesn't appear to have appendicitis....that is sweet!!

Anonymous said...

kids will get the hang of languages really more easily than their parents, usually. Maybe a "brain still fresh and yummy" thing ;)

Anonymous said...

From memory the same thing happened to you when you went to Junior High at the same age. Eldest can handle it

Sea Dog

J.G. said...

Highlights for me: a couple of long-awaited phone calls at work finally came through . . . and I'm having a post-inaugural burst of enthusiasm for "rolling up my sleeves."

How nice you have so many sweet things to count!

BLOGitse said...

sweet?! no thanks!
I love meat, ham, sausages...
jamon, you know!

but I've had a sweet day - sunny, warm +25, did my walk in the morning...some blogging, photographing...a very good day!

mmichele said...

i'm loving huge cacti and the prospect of driving to san diego today.

Beth said...

My sweet? I have to say it's been kind of sour-ish around here lately.
But at least my case of mega-flu hasn't killed me yet. Plus I was actually able to sit at the computer long enough to read your latest blog entry.
It's all good, right?

Anonymous said...

Great list!

I'm on the train right now and surfing the 'net at the same time.

Internet on the train? Pretty sweet.

oreneta said...

Beth! Good luck to the son...that would be sweet.

Bhodi...two hours to paint is sweet of these days...

Sirdar...Dawn not having appendicitis definitely counts...I think....

elP, fresh and yummy? You French will eat ANYTHING! ;-)
I know what you mean though...not my stale and worn out head...

Sea Dog, from memory it wasn't an entirely fun run through though....

JG, rolling up your sleeves cause you want to...I can relate to that one and it is lovely..

Blogitse...sounds fabulous...and peaceful...both good.

Mmichele...just about EVERYTHING is sweet for you right now....

Beth, getting better is definitely good...even if you were so sick. Glad it didn't kill you anyway.

Trish, internet on the train is REALLY sweet! WOW! When did that start and how do they do it????

Carla said...

In no particular order:
1. Obama is now president!
2. My man has been my man for almost 27 years!
3. Empty Nest!
4. Loving my house!
5. My quilting machine.
6. access to health care.
7. my friends and family.
8. Creativity
and did I mention that Bush is gone?

dawn said...

I am a few days late on this post, but I am feeling better, thanks to some sweet sleep and feeling better is sweet.

oreneta said...

Carla...great may have mentioned that Bush is gone (thank god)

Dawn...feeling better is so definitely sweet sweet sweet....glad you are too.