Friday, January 16, 2009


Now, when you need to take some medicine in North America your choices are pretty straight forward. A pill, a capsule or syrup.

Here we have some more variety.

There are pills.

There are capsules.

There is syrup.

There is also a most amazing love affair with fizzy powdered medicine you mix with water, sort of like neo-citran. So with the ibuprofen I have the choice of pills for 600mg, capsules for 400 or little envelops that fizz when you add the water for 200.

Now it gets weirder. There are also suspensions. This means that you get a bottle with powder in it, and you have to add just the right amount of water to it and shake and shake and shakeshakeshake. Only lasts a week in the fridge.

Finally was the weirdest one yet. With this tooth thing, they offered me a prescription for some SERIOUS painkillers. They came in little glass bottles.

You break the top off (being careful not to slice yourself as you break the glass with your bare hand wrapped in the tail of your shirt. SAFETY is us.) THEN...well, normally it would be injected either intramuscularily or intravenously. I was instructed to drink it. Straight. Glass shards and all.


Apparently the taste is astoundingly appalling. Forget Dr. Bukleys' "if it tastes bad it must be working" We're talking OMG I'm going to die terrible.

No thanks.

Decided I wasn't in that sort of pain.


Beth said...

I prefer the North American way - I don't want any responsibility for the mixing of and getting the proportions correct with any medication.
Hope your pain has decreased - or is gone? If not, this is a long time to be enduring pain from dental work. (From my limited experience.)

Carla said...

Ohhh... but think of the cool art stuff you can do with that bottle!!

Yes, that glass container would never fly in the US. Reason? Someone(s) would cut themselves, then sue for liability.

Hope your pain gets better! Any chance of getting something else for pain besides icky tasting stuff?

Beth said...

I was reading along, waiting for you to mention the dreaded suppositories.
But I guess they don't do them in Spain?
Lucky you.
French doctors LOVE them and prescribe them often, for people of all ages- not just babies.
VERY scary.

Jason, as himself said...

So many choices! And Beth has a good point!

Anonymous said...

I was advised some suspensions once. In Canada. Yes Ma'am. And about the suppositories, it's a myth. French doctors are pranksters, they prescribe those to foreigners. All in all, during all my life, I must have had suppositories perhaps twice. And it was before my age had two digits in it. :)

For the bottle, you can use a knife to make a wider cut, and it'll break nicely. Requires some training. And for sure, it's supposed to be administered with a syringe. So go get one :)

Beth said...

really? REALLY??!!! a GLASS bottle that you BREAK open and then DRINK from it? I prefer my pills, thank you very much.

I hope you feel better Rocky, without all the glass shards swimming around in your mouth.

oreneta said...

Beth, I'm with you, but I am getting used to it, we had to give Chuck shots as well...goodness gracious.

The pain, sadly, continues...back to the dentist tomorrow. Truthfully? I am filled with dread.

Carla, I haven't had to take the really icky stuff...pain wasn't so bad I was willing to try. Trust you to think of cool arty stuff...I cannot think of any at the moment, even with your idea ticking would you do?

Oooohhhh Beth, suppositories, no we haven't had those yet...the only adult uses I can see justified are extreme seasickness when nothing will stay down and the person is hopelessly dehydrated....but but but....

Jason, too many choices, and which Beth...I seem to specialise in them. got a suspension IN CANADA!!!!! OMG!!! what for?????
I will also say that I am willing to inject Chuck, but I ain't sticking a needle in my own keister thankyouverymuch....aaauuuugh!!!

Beth, I am getting better slowly, achingly slowly, it is weird how long it is lasting...then again if they dug a hole in the sole of my foot and ground out a bunch of bone I am unlikely too feel great after only a day either....blech.