Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No photos today


Ever had one of those days when everything you touch seems to either get worse or break?

Yeah. One of those. Just can't win for trying.

I missed two fabulous photos today as well...didn't have the machine with me for crying out loud.

I didn't dare download the photos, thought I might delete them all or something.

I'll try tomorrow after the dentist. Maybe.

Actually looking forward to this dentist appointment. Sort of. Rare.

On a brighter note....a big fat THANKS to everyone who gave us Amazon money...we just ordered 44 books! How sweet is that!

Also I just found photos and a post from Xmas in here's some older photos for now, m'kay?

Please say it's OK, I can't handle a lot more today.

Here it is, indeed it is kind of a post in a post....a late gift I guess:

Xmas in Spain....

Turns out I am a cutting edge interior designer, Vinçon, THE place to buy household stuff had bean bag chairs, as did the Caixa Forum and I am pleased to announce that the beans (from BCN) and the bags (from the UK) were successfully united by the man and I with a minimum of mess. We make a great team.

The girls are delighted with them!

A display of rock formations at the Cosmo Caixa Science Museum which we went to with friends and family, is fantastic. If you are in BCN and want a totally cool thing to do with kids that doesn't cost a fortune, this place is great, not particularily BCN-ish, but great.

A display at the Cosmo Caixa they would only have had in Catalonia....yes, that is a giant caca de vaca, a cowpat, on a carpet. Can't picture it in London or Paris or Washington somehow.

We went walking in the mountains one day....

More from the science museum, an experiment showing that everything will naturally return to a state of maximum disorder. Not a surprise to a parent.

Very very very blue gobstoppers brought from Canada by our friends.

Finally, the weird anti-biotic I had to give Chuck. Look at that! Powder and I have to add water.....I suppose that is so that it doesn't go off without refrigeration. It is Spain though....

A bit of what we did....


Beth said...

It always helps to recognize those kind of days - and then to proceed with caution!
Wonderful pictures. (Dung on a carpet?!)

Anonymous said...

bean bags... Haven't seen any of those in a loooong time :)

c said...
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oreneta said...

Beth...indeed...there are days when things are best left untouched.

elP, I agree, but they are all in fashion again now!