Thursday, January 15, 2009

paper paper paper paper paper chase.

Taught and taught and taught wonder my mouth is still hurting.

Trying to step down to 400 mg of Ibuprofen three times a day...only one class tomorrow, I may manage it.

The man trolled off the BCN with MOUNTAINS of papers to see a gestor. We are learning the techniques of Spanish - probably everyone's- bureaucracy bring it all and then some.

The very fact that gestors exist should make one a little anxious. Their job is exclusively and simply to deal with know, cut through red tape. Seems a bad sign to me. Then again, they're presence does give hope that we might get through it some day.

Two and a half years after arrival, and the kid's Spanish citizenship is still not with us. We did take a big step forward today...I hope. Next step is to get their (long form) birth certificates, that have been ratified by both the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish Embassy in Ottawa - translated into Spanish. All that ratifying makes them seem like some kind of international agreement instead of a couple of kids, no?

This of course is after a full 40 minute search to find the forms. They weren't where they should have been, and they turned up- finally - in with the MOUNTAINOUS quantity of papers I needed to register eldest for school.

It's maybe a good idea to touch every single sheet of paper in your house now and then, do you think?

Can I also just make a little suggestion here?

If anyone is about to fill out one of those forms for a newborn baby that they hand you about 6 minutes after you squeeze out the afterbirth PRINT NEATLY! They didn't tell me this form was going to be THE official birth certificate. OMG. It is barely legible. HOW the translator is going to manage I cannot imagine. I wrote it lying on my back in bed for goodness sakes.

I tell you though, my exhausted hormone ladened body was not up to the task, and if the kid's citizenship hangs on my penmenship moments after managing natural help me...I.... I...... I .....I don't know what I'll do, but it won't be pretty.

This is version of one of my most effective threats with the kids, "If you do that again, I don't know what I will do, but I can guarantee that YOU won't like it." Truly dreadful sounding and it leaves their imagination to come up with the worst thing possible, which I could never dream up in a million years. Try it sometime. It's a great one.

Wish us luck.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the translator we go.....


J.G. said...

Yep, a little vagueness goes a long way, as long as you give it the right delivery! And there's no temptation for them to force you to follow through, if they don't know exactly what it is.

sirdar said...

I could try that threat technique, but the kids are too old for that. They would just look at me funny, shake their bobble heads, and continue doing what they were doing.

Good luck with the Gestor

Beth said...

I don't even remember filling out those forms! Still under the influence of the epidurals?? Just imagine what my handwriting looks like!
Best of luck.
(And I could use a gestor around here.)

Trish said...

Oh gosh, what a headache! Good luck with all that.

Boo and Trev said...

Why Malaysia?
I have to say I always thought you and your sister were champion tooth brushers when I spent those summers with you. Indeed I regaled my children with your shining example. But you end up with toothache anyway! Poor you. Hope it's getting better

oreneta said...

JG...vagueness...great...let THEM fill in the blanks!

Sirdar, you do have to start it sympathies aboutyour phone. Honestly it gets tiring fixing things. Makes me want to have LESS.

Beth, I know what you mean with the I hate paper chasing. HATE IT.

Trish, thanks....

Boo and Trev, The man's work is looking for someone to go there for two years to teach work related skills, an option we toyed with briefly, and it would be AMAZING...but a little hard on the recently adjusted teen set, so we aren't going...I thought the poll would be would Malaysia frankly, but not right now.

elpadawan said...

Looking for an apartment here... An agency told me what I would have to bring my last three paystubs, a letter from my employer attesting I am not in a probation period, my last two income tax declarations, copy of my ID, and some proof of residence. I missed this amount of paperwork.

oreneta said...

OMG elP...I heard the French were good for lots and lots of paperwork...that is astonishing though. Here, if you've got the bucks, your home free....from memory anyway. Goodness.