Saturday, January 3, 2009

A sh*tty day

Well, the morning started off with a virtuous bowl of muesli...a horrendous crack, a searing pain, then nothing.  Finished breakfast: tea, the rest of the muesli, and a pear, went into the living room and thought there was something stuck in my tooth.  Turns out it was a chunk of my molar that was loose and out of place.  

Ho hum.

It isn't normally painful, but I don't want to chew there or brush it.....

So we went to the sewer museum!!!!  Sh*t indeed.

It was fascinating, and smelly as you would expect.  I have LOTS of lovely photos for you when I get back to my own computer!  Floaties et al.  It was honestly really cool and I can truthfully say that while I would never want the job, it was actually a whole lot less gross than I would have wouldn't want to fall down on the job though.

Later,  youngest felt like crap (it may have to do with her staying up past midnight giggling with her sister) so the Eiffel Tower went out the window it is a beautiful clear day but'll be there another time, or tomorrow.

Tried to find an after hours dentist....I cannot imagine how much THAT would cost in Paris....I am going to try to hang on till I get home with my own LOVELY (inexpensive) dentist.  Wish me luck and maybe I will make it and manage to do a few of the things I have to do....

Here's the low down if you want to give me some advice.  It is the last molar, which has an enormous filling in the center, so there is a volcanic type circle of tooth around the filling and a chunk of that rim is loose, though still slotted into place.  It doesn't hurt as such, but I get some nasty zings sometimes when I talk or eat.

I am - shall we say - worried about what will happen with my nighttime tooth grinding habit....

ho hum

more tomorrow.

On the other hand,  my professional chef brother in law is cooking dinner - YUM - and I will never ever again (for at least a week) complain about Spanish shopping hours, as far as I can tell, nothing is ever open here.  Ever.


Beth said...

Nasty zings when you talk or eat sound awful. No advice as to how to deal with it right now but when I "did a number" on a back molar the dentist suggested removing it and not bothering with root canal work, etc. I haven't missed it at all. An inexpensive way to deal with it and I have one less tooth to worry about!
Good luck.

hulagirlatheart said...

I had the same issue with a back molar, lots of filling and it finally cracked. I had to have it capped, but it's been great since then. Oh, and I'm a nighttime tooth grinder, too. I wear a dental guard. It really helps, but it doesn't really scream sexy.

I got the moisturizer this week. It is the bomb!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'll have to send something "Kentucky" your way.

sirdar said...

Sewer tour :lol: We have a recycling tour here. It is where all the recycling in the city ends up. It is quite the process. I didn't see it but Dawn and the kids went there for a field trip.

Sorry to hear about the molar issue. Hope you can make it though the trip so you can get the work done at home.

mmichele said...

the sewer museum sounds really cool... was the sentence that started, "Youngest felt like crap" intentional?

the tooth... oh my. i think i may try see the dentist when we are in spain. cheap, nice, capable... i hope you hold on until home!

Beth said...

oh live your globe trotting life with all it's glamour and shit! ;)


I love you Rocky, thank you so so so much!!!!

and get thy bootay to a dentist!!!

Mar said...

Get some "braces wax" at the pharmacy to cover your molar (it's what the kids use to cover part of the braces which is causing a sore spot in the mouth) .It helps to round things up and it holds, (unlike chewing gum)...until you see your dentist. Sorry about this. Muesli did it to me too once!!

oreneta said...

Beth, I am going to have to face my options with this one. It is also a tooth that has an ENORMOUS filling and has caused me pain for years.

Hula, I am glad you got the cream, I hope it works. The two together made one of my hand splits go away in a matter of moments....tooth guards, they really are great but you are so right that they don't scream sexy. Good thing I've been married a while.

Sirdar, I sincerely hope I will make it home intact...OUCH.

mmichele, the sewer tour was cool, and of course she felt like crap (jejeje)

Beth, I have GOT to get my bootay to the dentist, I have an appointment for thursday, we have to hope I make glad you got the sea glass. It does smell neat.

Mar, that is a good idea, the braces wax, though I am afraid to touch it at all. I agree about the muesli...they say it is good for you....but.....