Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Teeth and cars

Remember when you were a little kid and you wasted days and weeks of your life thinking of little else but the wiggly tooth in your head and how you can fit your tongue into it, and make it rock and spin. I swear there are huge chunks of time when kids just aren't listening to anything at school cause they've got a tooth to wiggle.

'Bout sums up my day, though thankfully it doesn't wiggle. Just hurts...BORING.

Quick check in with the dentist, I was confused about a few things, so I brought my handsome translator with me and we got some stuff figured out....mostly things are fine and normal, though not pleasant.

Better today, though good would be an exaggeration.

On another topic, the man and I do not have drivers licences here...the hassle factor as Canadians is EPIC. We have to take the tests like any 18 year old and it is super expensive..hundreds of Euros. So, we haven't done it yet.

The other day I walked to a neigbouring larger town to get the wifi equipment I needed and to get some cables repaired to fix our internet woes....I happened to go past a driving school and thought, as nothing was open yet, that I would ask a few questions.

Amongst other things they let me take a trial run at one of the written driving tests.

It had some weird questions. All multiple choice.

1. If driving for a long distance, should the driver

a. refrain from food and beverages
b. eat and drink lightly
c. eat and drink normally.

2. If you arrive at an the scene of an accident and you find a person bleeding from the ears and nose should you
a.b.and c. all things you should NEVER do, as they all involve moving the unconscious victim and NONE involved covering the guy up to help prevent shock, nor calling for emergency services.

3. If you are driving and you have drunk a moderate amount of alcohol, it's will
a. increase your reaction time, but decrease your coordination.
b. something completely positive for your driving skills
c. something moderately positve for your driving skills.

I would have thought all of the above were wrong, but the first one was correct.

There were more and they were weird.

Ho hum. Don't see licences appearing in the near future for either of us.


Beth said...

Those questions are not only weird, they're kind of scary in terms of thinking of driving in Spain. What are the drivers like?
Hope the mouth/tooth feels better soon!

J.G. said...

Sounds like you would have to unlearn things in order to pass.
This prompts me to remember flunking the written test my first time (didn't study--thought I knew everything, like every other 16-year-old). One I know I missed:
Q. When you park on a hill, which way do you turn the wheels in case the car starts to roll?
A. How should I know? Florida is as flat as a pancake!

kate said...

Oh, yes, the driving license hassle. Yuck. I got that out of the way when I first came here, but it was expensive because I needed lessons-- had never driven a stick shift before. The test itself wasn't that expensive. Are they letting you take the written part in English? I remember that it involved way more studying than one should have to do for a driving test.... Good luck if you decide to do it.

Anonymous said...

My advice - that you didn't ask for - slow down and give your body and soul some prolonged down time to recover.
The driver's licence questions - surely a joke? GM

Anonymous said...

I'd say that 1.b. Eating too much and too fat will get you all sleepy and make you want to nap. But for the others... Scary.

oreneta said...

Beth, the drivers are not great honestly, especially considering how hard it is to get a license....that said, it's not THAT bad either. I am SOOO very tired of my teeth. OUCH. Thanks for the good wishes.

JG, Florida isn't COMPLETELY flat, they built that levy around Lake Okachobee, no? jejejejeje...hear it's COLD down there. Poor things.

Kate, yeah we could do the written test in English, but paying the school so bites for all that....it is such a hassle, and it is ironic that the only country we CANNOT legally drive in is Spain....

GM, sadly, not a joke, and yes, I am trying to slow down for a bit...I missed a bunch of classes and had a long nap today. Thanks....

elP, Weird, eh? I am just not sure what the heck they are doing on a driving test? I thought that was rules of the road stuff....whatever.