Tuesday, January 20, 2009



The man can speak.

and I am LOVING what he has to say.

Loving it.


Beth said...

oh Rocky....you are so right on this one.!

hulagirlatheart said...

Man, he does know how to give a speech.

Anonymous said...

Makes me feel better just knowing there are people out there who believe we can! GM

oreneta said...

Let's hope he can manage to push things through. The election sent a clear message that this is what is wanted, lets hope the stupid politicos can get it together enough to DO something.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

I now watch from north of the border, hoping for better days for the family and friends we left in the US.

We heard Obama speak a few years back, when we were still living in the US. He was amazing! I had NEVER heard anyone speak like he does and little did I know at the time where he would go - 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. We are so glad that the majority of the people in the US voted for change.