Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today, maybe, for the first time in ages, I may pull it off!

Avui, per la primer dia fa molt de temps, potser, ho faré

There are a certain number of things I have promised myself I will do every day/ regularly.

1.  Draw for half an hour every day
2.  Paint every day
3.  Run and do Pilates regularly (if I manage three times a week I'm ecstatic)
4. Read every day
5. Blog every day

Hi ha uns quants coses que m'he promès a mi mateix que faci cada dia o sigui, regularment.

1.  Dibuixar per un mig hora, cada dia.
2.  Pintar cada dia
3. Córrer i fer pilates regularment (si pot ser tres cops a setmana, estic super contenta!)
4.  Llegir cada dia
5. Escriure aquí en el meu blog cada dia.

Then there are the things I desperately want to do, basically spend time with my family, that's not too hard to pull off every day, it is my absolute and final #1 priority.

També hi ha coses que són imprescindible, bàsicament, passant temps amb la meva família.  Això no trobo difícil d'aconseguir cada dia perquè és el meu prioritat absolut.  No hi ha cap cosa que sigui més important.

There are other things which I have to do like work, and cook and do errands....they tend to get done as well.  There are also things I'd like to add to the list, like study Catalan and Spanish more formally......

Hi ha altres activitats que haig de fer, com treballar, cuinar, anar a comprar.  Generalment, aquests ho aconsegueixo.  Altres activitats voldria fer cada dia, com estudiar Català i Castellà més formalment, amb mestres i tot!

Lately however, the have to dos, like work and errands have been getting done.  Family time, absolutely.  The activities I've promised myself?  Not so much.  Today though?  Today looks to be shaping up to be a red letter day, one where I get it all done.

Recentment, no obstant això, les coses que haig de fer, com anar a treballar i comprar, ho faig.  Temps amb la meva família també.  Els activitats que he promès a mi mateix?  No tan.  Però avui?  Avui, em sembla, que serà un dia molt especial.  Un quan faré tot.

And a good thing too.

Una cosa molt bona això.


J.G. said...

Good for you! This is impressive in two languages. I am not good at such definite goals, though I have some success with doing "more" of certain things.

(Some success, I said!)

elpadawan said...

Unfortunately, the "things that need to get done" tend to get in the way of the "things I'd like to do everyday"... Good that you're managing :)

thecatalanway said...

well done and hope you enjoyed the day as it went along too. I am also impressed by your dual language posts - that is something else you have set yourself to do and here it is!
For me I'm afraid this candlemas is rather slower and lazier. But I have done a drawing, written some emails, walked dogs a lot and posted on the blog.

oreneta said...

JG, I do best if it is something I have to do every day. If it is sometimes I find it much harder to make happen. Weird how different people work differently.

ElP, I try to manage, doesn't always happen though.....

Kate, You got it, dual language posts are a good way to do some writing anyway. I almost never do. Candlemas happens outside of Catholicism too, eh? I never knew.