Friday, February 3, 2012

Lunch out and smelly dogs. Hem dinat fora i el gos fa pudor.

The man and I went out for lunch today, heartlessly abandoning the sick kids...they've been sick for three school weeks, now, and we needed a meal and they'd survive for a bit on their own.  They aren't THAT sick, they just can't get to school

El home i jo hem anat a dinar fora avui...facilament abandonant les nostres filles.  Han estat malaltes per tres setmanes de cole ja i nosaltres necessitàvem un àpat i elles poden sobreviure per una estoneta sols.  No estan TAN malaltes, simplement, no poden anar a cole.

It was WONDERFUL.  The food was fine, nothing spectacular, but good and we didn't cook it.  It was out and we were relaxed, no one was complaining and we just chatted.  LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY:)

Estava FANTÀSTIC.  El menjar estava bastant ben fet, res espectacular, però bo i no ho hem cuinat nosaltres.  Hem dinat fora, hem descansat, ningú queixava i hem passat els temps xarrant.   PRECIÓS PRECIÓS PRECIÓS.

The dog is equally pleased with himself.  He managed to roll in something today that looked like snow, but doesn't smell like it, let me tell you.  We get a little extra nudge when he comes in the room.  It wasn't so bad that we immediately washed him, but *phew* he has a certain presence.

 El gos està molt content amb el mateix.  Ha trobat no sé què en la muntanya i li ha estirat en això.  Semblava neu, però no fa aquest olor, te a juro.  Sabem quan entra un habitació.  No feia tan de pudor que li hem de rentar de seguida, però  *oooohhhh* té un cert precènsia.

Can I just say that he has been wagging all day and is QUITE pleased with himself about it all.

Haig de dir que ha passat tot el dia remenant la seva cua.  Està MOLT content amb el mateix sobre tot aquesta tema.

Little does he know. Bathtime tomorrow!  Heh heh heh heh heh.

No sap que demà.....el banyaré!  Jejejejejejejeeee


thecatalanway said...

isn't it lovely writing je je je je! the first i saw i pronounced it the english way and thought 'how weird'

sounds like you both needed that time together and yes isn't it wonderful to eat a meal with noone moaning.

hello to chuck - sounds like he had a better day than blue or bonnie!

k x

J.G. said...

I am enjoying this: he thinks the surprise is on you, when it is really on him!

Beth said...

Ups and downs, pluses and minuses – your quality lunch time & Chuck’s intriguing (?) odour! Keeps life in perspective… :)

Jan said...

The smelliest dog is the top dog! Apparently! Btw, on my blog in the followers gadget, your pic is blacked out... don't know why, but it's bound to be because Blogger's useless.