Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thank all that is good and sweet Gràcies a tot que està dolc i bé.

Thank you for mornings.  There is something about the fresh coloured clearness of the mornings that just smells like possibility.

Gràcies per els matins.  Estan clar i fresc i portant colors, els matins, fa olor de possibilitat

And I ain't no morning person.  I jo no sóc una persona gens dels matins. 


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Mmmm, yes, I love mornings! I love getting up at least an hour before anyone else and feeling the day beginning. I know, it's weird. And it means I do need to go to bed earlier than most grown ups. But the rewards are such that can not be found at any other time of day. Chuck looks rather pleased you got up early!

P.S. I am really abhoring bloggers new word verifications.

oreneta said...

I agree....mornings, and the new blogger word verifications....are you listening blogger? The new captcha? It sucks. Please go back to the one that people over the age of 16 can read. Hating it.

thecatalanway said...

yeh! I love mornings too. Only problem is I also love the late nights - not to go out boogying but just being at home pottering and then walking the dogs around 1 or 2am in the quiet streets. the two don't really go together so well.

Ditto the word verification . Really I don't have a problem - perhaps it was only the first burst of spam that put you off. I never have bad things in my box.

Off to watch parade now - there are lots of people dressed up walking past the house.

elpadawan said...

Be it morning or night, I love the "quiet parts" of the day. Those where you can "get things done", whatever the things are :).
For the captcha, I think the old ones were the cause I couldn't comment with my wordpress account... And I still can't. But yeah, the new ones do look horrible. At least the refresh button is working, so you can hit it until you get a readable captcha...

oreneta said...

Kate, I am sorry about the word verification, and it is worse now that blogger is using this new captcha...which I really don't like, but I really do get a lot of spam.....that's why I put it on in the first place. Glad you aren't, but I do.

ElP...the refresh button working is a good thing, the old ones were a pain that way...Weird you can't sign in with the wordpress, wordpress automatically seems to sign me in over there. Maybe blogger is not as friendly. Sorry.