Monday, February 13, 2012

A sweet moment Un moment molt tranquil

I don't know what the rest of the day is going to bring, but just right now, things are feeling great.
I'm sitting in the sun, warmed enough to be down to a tank top, I've pounded through a mountain of work for TO and the dog is dozing in the sun at my feet.  Better still, the girls have gone off to school and still haven't phoned to be picked up cause they're nearly dead.  That means they've made it through two classes at least.

No sé que portarà la resta del dia, però ara mateix, em sento fantàstic.  Estic en el sol, tant calin que porto només una samarreta sense mànigues, he matat un gran quantitat de treball per Toronto, el gos està dormisquejant en el sol als meus peus.  Millor encara, les nenes han anat a mínim.

Savouring the moment, long may it last.

Estic assaborint el moment, que allargués molt.

....later..... Youngest lasted till 11:15, Eldest made it to 2!  No one went in for the afternoon session though.  Here's hoping tomorrow's at least as good.

......desprès...... la petita quedava fins a un quart de dotze i la gran fins a les dues!!! Ningú ha anat aquesta tarda.  Espero que demà sigui tan bé que avui.


Helen said...

Gosh, they really have been poorly, haven't they!

oreneta said...

Indeed, it has been a long haul.