Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's officially spring. Oficialment, està la primavera

and I'll tell you how I know.  I us dic com ho sé.

Brace yourselves.  I shaved my legs, youngest put on shorts, and they're eating icecream cones.

Estiu preparats?  He afaitat les meves cames, la petita ha posat pantalons curts, i estan menjant gelats.



Beth said...

Well, lucky you – except for having to shave your legs!
Snow mixed with rain & cold here – the hair on my legs will remain for awhile longer. For warmth! ;)

Helen said...

Excellent - I will pack suncream

elpadawan said...

Yeah, it's above 0 in here, so I'd say Spring is kinda back :p

oreneta said...

Nice being able to go out in a skirt from time to time, mostly only in the mornings/mid-day, but I'll take it!

Helen, do indeed, and a jacket!

ElP...sorry you're not so happy about it....I kinda like it myself.

elpadawan said...

I'm fine with both Winter and Summer. The only issue is the transition phases where everything is damp and muddy... Don't like so much mudsliding on my way out of the house ;)

oreneta said...

In Canada I was always so delighted to see mud in the spring that I never really minded it....the smell of earth, however damp was a life giver.