Sunday, February 26, 2012

A very quiet day, un dia molt tranquil

After a night that wasn't quite so pleasant.  Desprès d'un nit que no era un plaer.

Spent the day laying around on the terrace, like the dog.  Flinging myself down in the sun, then when I was too hot, flopping into the shade, till I was cold.  Repeat.

He passat el dia estirant-me al terrat, com el gos.  M'estiro en el sol fins que hagi tingut massa de calor, llavors, cap a l'ombre fins que hagi tingut fred.  Repetir.

I do feel better than I did yesterday or throughout today, though the lack of nutrients is making itself known.  Most things, ahhhh, passed through me yesterday, and I haven't eaten much today.  I was thinking of either a long run or a 30k walk tomorrow.  Seems they are both off the list.

Em trobo millor que ahir o tot d'avui, però em noto la falta de nutrients.  La majoria ahir, mmmmm, ha donat una volta massa ràpida per ajudar ahir i avui no he menjat molt.  Estava pensant de córrer un ruta llard demà i passejar un ruta de 30k.  Em sembla que ni un ni l'altre passarà.

I'm wondering if the complete absence of comments the last couple of days is cause no one wanted to, or if it's cause blogger put such killer captchas on that no one can comment.

No estic segur si la falta de comentaris aquests ultim dies està perquè ningú té ganes de comentar o si està perquè en blogger han fet els captches tan brutal que ningú hi pot entrar.


elpadawan said...

aw, you're sick? Get well soon, I guess your turn was bound to come, after the girls got it. That or going out until 3AM... Well, get lots of rest (like the dog? ;) ), hope it'll sort itself out pretty quick.

Beth said...

Here’s a comment from me! I was away…had a lovely time but came back with a stinking rotten cold. Hope you’re feeling better!

(p.s. the captchas seem slightly better)

Helen said...

I've been sick too! Hope you are feeling better

oreneta said...

I'm getting there, I think it was both, contamination by children and tooooo little sleep! Got me when I was weak.

Beth, so sorry about the cold...and the captchas do seem slightly better, no weird changing tones anyway.

Helen, I am physically, though feeling beaten down emotionally today. Hope your feeling better too.

J.G. said...

I am a terrible commentor lately . . . February has been a month of too little time for the fun stuff. I will be happy to turn the calendar to a fresh month and start again.

Getting used to the captchas, whatever that says about me. :-)

Hope you are feeling better now!