Thursday, February 9, 2012

Read these somewhere. Ho he llegit en algun lloc.

The problem with posting late at night!  I got it into Catalan and not English!  What a loser.

Anyway, I saw these two phrases somewhere

Blunt as a bag of wet mice

He keeps missing the opportunity to shut up.

and thought they were hilarious.  Below is an explanation of these crazy phrases, but I thought the English speakers could enjoy them on their own.
Sorry folks!

Aquests dits he llegit en un lloc, no sé a on.  La primera, no sé com el puc traduir.  Si una persona és 'blunt' vol dir que no té cap mena de tacte, que sovint diu coses que seria millor que no ho digués.  'Blunt' també vol dir que no té tall, com un ganivet que no talli.  Per això tenim: 'blunt' com un sac de ratolines xopats.  Segur, això no pot tallar, i probablement no és gaire diplomàtic tampoc.

Blunt as a bag of wet mice

El segon està més senzille.  Que algú continua de perdre l'oportunitat de calla!  Peró en general, calla no està tan maleducat com 'shut up'.

Keeps missing the opportunity to shut up.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

All of that text is translated below? Wow, what a lot of words for your own paring down. I can recognize some words but by no means the lions share. My hat is off to you for even attempting to learn this language with its own eccentricities.

elpadawan said...

Those are great expressions! I think I'll be able to find some way of reusing at least the second one... :D

oreneta said...

Bodhi, thanks for the heads up...the dangers of posting late at night...

ElP, they're rich no? I have to find a way to work them into conversation in the next little bit. The second is certainly a great one.

Beth said...

Love # 2 - wish I could actually say that to a few people I know... :)

oreneta said...

I'm hoping too....I may use it this morning, but it is just too rude for someone you like. May alter it to being quiet.