Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two things. Dues coses

First.  Eldest, the man and I went into BCN today!  BLESSED GLEE!!!!! I have not been out of the village (except for walk with the grup de muntanya) for over a month and a half with the kids having been ill.  I love BCN.  Can I just say that?  The sun was shining, the city was beautiful and the food was good.

All was good in the world.

Primer, la gran, el meu home i jo hem anat a BCN avui!  M'ha fet GOIG!!!!! Ho he marxat del poble (a part dels camins amb el grup de muntanya) per més d'un mes i mig perquè les nenes han estat malaltes.  M'ENCANTA Barcelona.  Ho puc dir?  Feia sol, la ciutat era bonica i el menjar era boníssim.

Tot bé en el meu mon.

We went to Caixa Forum to see an exhibit of paintings by Delacroix.   I have to admit that I am not the worlds hugest Delacroix fan, and many of his drawings I preferred to the paintings.  Very dramatic stuff.  The man liked it better than I did, I got burned out around the Christ room.  I do have to say though that the man also pointed something out when we were talking about it all in the metro on the way home, Delacroix moved from very realistic work to something almost like a beginning of impressionism, with the colours and swirling movements.  He's right too.

Hem anat al Caixa Forum per veure un exihibició de pitures de DelacroixHaig de dir que no estic el fan més gran del món de Delacroix i molts dels dibuixos he preferit sobre els pintures.  Són molt dramatiqueEl meu home ho ha agradat més que jo...m'he trobat cremada i cansada quan he arribat al saló de quadres de Christ.  El meu home m'ha dit quan estavem al metro tornant a casa que Delacroix a fet un gran cambi en el seu obre.  Ha començat com un realist i al final els pitures semblen més una pre-impressionism, amb molts colours i molt de moviment, que giravolta.  Té rao.

Hmmmm, what was that second thing.  Early onset altzheimers?????  GOT IT!!!!

Hmmmm, què era la segona cosa?  Altzheimers???? ARA HO TINC!!!!

Snowshoeing.  I'm going snowshoeing, if we have any snow.  Unlike the rest of Europe, there isn't much here and this has already been cancelled once.  The thing that is confusing me is that they want us to bring poles.  I have never ever seen anyone snowshoeing with poles.  Am I the only one who finds this weird???????  I have to look into it a little more, but I don't want to rent poles and then find them a pain in the butt the entire time.

Raquetes de neu.  Aniré a fer raquetes de neu si tenim neu.  No com la reste d'Europa, no n'hi ha gaire neu aquí i ja ho han anul·lat un cop.  Em trobo confosa, volen que portem bastons.  Mai en la vida he vist una persona caminant amb raquetes i bastons.  Mai.  Sóc l'única que ho troba estrany?  Haig de fer una mica d'investigació, no vull llogar bastons i trobo que són super pesades per tot el passeig. 

Hmm, I did more study.  They do use them sometimes.  Seems wimpy.

Hmm, he investigat més.  Sí, els utitizen de vegades.  A mi, sembla poca atrevit.


kate said...

Okay, I have been reading but not commenting lately, thus have not been reading the comments of others on your blog. So you may have already discussed this somewhere, but I'm intrigued about your dual-language posting. Is this an exercise to keep advancing in your Catalan? Or are there now some Catalan-but-not English speakers in your blog audience? Are you doing the translations yourself? Do you need to use a dictionary much, or are you pretty much writing it off the top of your head? In either case, very cool!!!

kate said...

Wow, it took me three tries to prove I wasn't a robot! Tricky to read! Are those "two words" actually both real words in some language or another? For this comment I have to figure out how to do on my keyboard that little "a" with a hat on it...

elpadawan said...

I did snowshoeing once, and they did give us poles to use. Like for skiing, I'd say they're not an absolute necessity, but happen to be convenient, on occasion. You can always attach them to your backpack if they start bothering you.

Beth said...

Cross-country skiing – of course. Snowshoeing? Odd.
You might be wishing for snow there – I’m rather enjoying the minimal amount or lack of here.

(it's taking me longer to figure out the verification words than it is to write a comment...my eyes!!!)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

snowshoeing WITH poles is de rigueur here now. It helps with balancing, especially in particularly deep snow. Which we haven't seen here this winter. I haven't snowshoed even once this season. And I got a new pair for Christmas. And I think I got all your comments on my own last post. I did at first wonder who was Anonymous and yet sounding so familiar. I have not been overly fond of blogger lately, especially the new word verification codes. Blech.

oreneta said...

Kate, I am dual posting to work on my catalan. I write it myself, so if you spoke more Catalan, you'd see the myriad errors I have in there, but still, it is better than not writing at all. It does take a lot longer, what with the correcting. I am still a little lazy and I don't check the gender of every word, which I should....ha well. Maybe someday I'll get some Catalan readers, but as far as I know, there are none. Or at least they don't comment.

ElP, I'll give it a go with the poles, should be OK, I hate carrying the things though, and I've never found I need them.

Beth, I'm not wishing for snow here. NOT AT ALL; but up in the Pyrenees? That'd be good.

Kim, hmmm, good to know, well I guess I'll give the poles a go, they seem a waste though. Whatever. Maybe for youngest and I'll skip them myself.

The new codes are a pain, we need to all complain to Google.

elpadawan said...

I think they switch to Recaptcha. So maybe they outsourced their captcha coding. Maybe that's also why I'm having problems when using my wordpress ID...

oreneta said...

That may be it, because I now also have to sign into wordpress to comment, which I never had to do before.