Monday, April 9, 2012

Things I learned on the long walk, or why I am sometimes stupid. Coses que he après durant aquest passeig tan llarg, o perquè, de vegades, sóc molt estùpida

These mostly go under, DUH!!!!  Més o menys, van al carpeta DUH!!!!

I am a guiri (Catalan and Spanish term for a Northern European, normally a tourist)  Sóc una guiri.  This means that:     Ho vol dir que:
  • I must wear a big straw hat.  Cal porto una gorra de pall molt gran
  • I must bring a kercheif to wet and put around my neck for very hot days, especially with the sun behind me all day.  Cal porto una mocador que pugui mullar i posar pel meu coll quan fa molt de callor i quan el sol està al meu darrer per tot al dia.
  • I have to rest in the shade, including lunch, even if it is chilly, SHADE.  Cal descansar en l'ombre, incós esmorzar, fins i tot si fa fred, OMBRE
 I must always bring a map and compass.  Sempre porto una mapa i una brúixola.
  • Even when the route is super clear and there is no way I can get lost, bring them.  Encara que la ruta sigui super clar i està impossible de perdre-me, ho haig de portar. 
  • Because.....Perquè......
  • The route signs?  Can't trust them.   Les senyals dels camins? No pots tenir absolut confiance.
  • So you walk many more kilometers than you have to.  Llavors, camino molt més kilómeters que cal.
 I really want a GPS watch and an ultracompact camera.  Really.  Vull, no, vull MOLT una rellotge amb GPS i una càmera ultracompact.   

Maybe one of these days.  Potser un d'aquests dies.


elpadawan said...

I think it's called a smartphone. Most have a GPS unit, and a built-in camera :)

thecatalanway said...

Hope you didn't get too burnt! Lets walk together sometime soon - properly I mean. with Bonnie and me with walking boots. (and a map and all)
If I can keep up with you that is!

Love the Catalan - now I've started reading that too.

Oh .....what about that man horrible. But maybe he was jut staring like the people do on the street - it seems a nacional pastime.
Kate x

Beth said...

Not so “Duh” at all – live and learn, walk and learn.
And now you’ll avoid a crisis!

I like the word for “maybe” – “potser.” :)

oreneta said...

ElP, meh....they break really easily, don't handle the rain, don't know how good the GPS unit is and they take crappy photos. The best of no world to me....

Kate, not burnt, more sunstroke-ish.... a little nausea and a pressure in my head that night...touch of sunstroke. I wondered about the staring too, but this was a little more, even by local standards.

Beth, you are so and learn indeed. Though some of that I already knew, and was just too lazy. Gotta go shopping a bit I think.

Jan said...

I'm always extremely impressed with your mastery of Catalan, and it also helps mine!

oreneta said...

Mastery is a gross exaggeration, but thank you nonetheless!!!