Thursday, April 12, 2012

ugly socks and asparagus. Mitjons lletjos i esparracs

I think that these are truly ugly socks.  Maybe the ugliest I have ever owned, but they are thin and they wick and they keep my feet comfy in the heat....especially since my boots are silver lined so that they reflect radiant heat.  A lovely feature when it's cold out.  Sadly, this is Spain.

Crec que aquests són mitjons molt lletjos.  Potser els mes lletjos que mai he tingut, però són prim, i evacua la sua...per això els meus peus no es bullen quan fa calor, a més que les meves botes tenen una capa d'argent a dintre per reflectir la calor radiant.  Una aspecte que seria fantàstic quan fa fred.  Mala sort.  Estem en Espanya.

What Youngest and I harvested this weekend!  Que la Petita i jo hem recollit aquest cap de setmana!

And for my sins, I think I have finished the Canadian taxes!  YEAH!!!!  Next the Spanish ones.

I, per pagar, crec que hagi acabat els impostos de Canadà!  YEAH!!!! Ara, els d'Espanya.


elpadawan said...

We started seeing Asparagus in the stores last week-end... Slowly but surely, we are catching up :D

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

At first I thought, nah, those socks aren't so ugly - I do like that particular shade of green but with the additional view, I will agree that they hum. BUT if they serve their purpose then who cares? We have arrived at the age where we may still like to look fashionable but service and comfort often supersedes looking fashionable. Maybe they will fade with multiple washings?

Boo and Trev said...

Poor socks! At least they're a pair and they serve a useful function! You will upset them and give them a complex with your lookist ways!

J.G. said...

Those socks look like asparagus to me, and that's not a compliment since I don't like it.

Gotta say, though, the wicking thing is awesome. How did we ever do without high-tech wicking socks?